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The Real Nutrient That Strengthens Your Bones And Nobody Knows About It

by Tatiana Plesco
Strengthens Your Bones

If you ask most people what nutrients are needed to build strong bones and prevent osteoporosis, for the most part, you hear one answer: calcium.

Yes, calcium is one of the more than a dozen nutrients that are essential for building strong bones. Perhaps the most likely answer you’ll hear it: bor.
Boron is a trace element that enhances the absorption and use of calcium and helps strengthen bones, yet is often overlooked as a nutrient for bone health and almost completely forgotten, even among many professionals in the field health. Dr. Bernard Jensen, author of Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Body Chemistry Nutrition/Dr. Jensen’s Guide to body chemistry and nutrition, CITES research that shows that boron increases the blood levels of estrogen and other hormones that prevent the loss of calcium and bone demineralization.
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According to Jean Carper, author of the book Food: Your Miracle Medicine/Food: your miracle medicine, “the mineral boron acts as a hormone replacement therapy light ‘ of estrogen in postmenopausal women ‘ during post-menopause and who have a deficiency of this hormone.
This segment of the female population is more vulnerable to brittle bones due to hormonal decline. The body requires to retain calcium and boron, according to research from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Human Nutrition Research Center (Centre for Human Nutrition Research for the U.S. Department of Agriculture) in North Dakota.
Dr. Forrest h. Nielsen found that after menopause, women with a low boron diet had more chances to lose calcium and magnesium in the body. When they received three milligrams of boron per day, calcium losses were reduced by 40%. Dr. Nielsen believes that boron acts by enhancing the natural steroids produced by the body in the bloodstream.
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This increases the levels of estrogen oligomineral and estradiol 17B up to double, thus reaching the same levels as in women and hormone replacement therapy with drugs.

On average, a person gets only half the amount of boron found in the study as being effective in the prevention of bone demineralization. Dr. Nielsen thinks there’s not enough consumption of boron that may explain why people who consume large amounts of calcium all have osteoporosis.
The same thing could explain why vegetarians usually have fewer chances of getting sick because they typically eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables rich in boron.
Boron is found in the highest concentration in particular in fruits like pears, grapes, raisins, figs, peaches, and apples; vegetables, especially soybeans; nuts, especially almonds and berries also in honey.
Attention, however, in many of these fruits, the mineral boron is found in the skin of the fruit, so eat the whole food!
Updated 6/5/2020

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