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The Rise Of Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

by Tatiana Plesco

Cosmetic surgery has been on the uptrend for a number of years now. With the growth of celebrity culture alongside glamour which is now even found online, the new standards have changed to seek perfection. Never before have people been under so much pressure to look perfect.

New procedures are constantly emerging to bury the question of potential dangers that surround plastic and cosmetic surgery. With these procedures deemed to be a ‘quick fix’ and without the procedures falling into the bracket of traditional methods, it’s no surprise why many people are taking up these treatments.

  • Instant Cheekbones

These days cheekbones are often considered a requirement for a well sculpted and balanced face. Without diving straight into the cosmetic procedures, there are always contouring makeup that can help get you the look you’re after. Fillers, similar to those that are used in lip injections are injected into the cheeks at various points to fill out the area, then massaged into place to create a sculpted look.

Instant Cheekbones

  • The ‘Lunch Break’ Breast Adjustment

With this procedure popular amongst the celebs that are looking for a subtle lift, this procedure is vastly becoming more popular. No general anesthetic is required for the procedure; patients can get back to work straight after – hence its nickname. This procedure uses the same injectable hyaluronic acid that is used in other cosmetic work, such as wrinkle fillers.

  • The Thread Lift

The thread lift is a non-surgical alternative to a full facelift, which is also knowns as ‘suture lift’. The procedure is carried out using a fine needle, a stitch is placed under the skin and works as an anchor point to lift the skin from underneath. The stitches used are typically biodegradable and are manufactured to increase collagen production, further enhancing the results of the procedure over time.

  • So Why Are These Procedures So Popular?

Whilst many people still go down the traditional ‘knife to skin’ route, many people are taking these alternative cosmetic methods because they appear to be more friendly and not carry the same risk. There are still thousands of people every year that suffer from cosmetic surgery negligence, not just from the traditional methods, but from the new procedures.

The Rise Of Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

If you are looking at undergoing a cosmetic procedure or surgery, please take time to weigh up the risk.

What are your opinions on cosmetic and plastic surgery? Do you think that celebrity culture is affecting the way we see ourselves and others? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Updated on 11-08-2020

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