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The Simple Thing You Can Do In The Morning To Lose Weight

by Tatiana Plesco
You Can Do In The Morning To Lose Weight

Ever wondered what is the best thing to do that will help you lose weight right after you get up in the morning? Well, the answer has been revealed in a new study conducted by Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and published in the scientific journal named PLOS ONE. All you have to do is catch some morning sunlight and it is these rays of the sun that actually help you to lose weight. As simple as that! Surprised? Then read on…

According to this study, 54 volunteers aged around 30 were asked to wear a wrist monitor during the period of study. The monitor helped in tracking their exposure to the sun’s rays in the morning for a week. The participants were also asked to maintain food diaries to track their intake of calories. It was reported, that the people who were exposed to morning sunlight had a significantly lower Body mass index or BMI as compared to those people who got less amount of sunlight. These findings were irrespective of their food habits, age factor, and their overall activeness.

Now the question surfaced as to why such a difference in weight was observed among people who soaked in morning rays and those who did not. There could be two possible explanations for this. The first reason is that your body has an internal clock which is synchronized with greater efficiency when you expose yourself to the morning Sun rays, rather than exposure to the sun’s rays later in the day. Synchronize internal clock is responsible for a natural and consistent sleep schedule. A steady sleep pattern, in turns responsible for better and efficient body metabolism and further weight loss. The second reason is that morning light is naturally much stronger than evening light of the sun. In the morning, the amount of blue light is more which has a huge effect on your circadian rhythm.

Therefore, if you want to lose some weight, you need to expose yourself to the morning sunlight at least for about 20 to 30 minutes between 8 am and noon. In case you are a late riser, try waking up a little earlier and just soak yourself in the morning light while sipping your favorite coffee. It should not be difficult to practice this simple measure, for the sake of losing weight.

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