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The Surprising Fact why many People Cannot Lose Weight

by Tatiana Plesco
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If it seems that losing weight is difficult, you’re not the only one. But when and you will understand how this process works, it will be much easier.
Leptin is a hormone secreted by the important fat cells and help control the appetite and metabolism. If everything goes normally, goes like this: the more fatty tissue you have,  the more leptin you have in circulation: as you have more leptin, so you’ll be less hungry, and you will consume energy faster.
So weight loss should be easy, right? If you have excess weight, leptin levels should tell your brain to stop eating and to speed up your metabolism. But it seems that many people who have excess body fat have developed something called leptin resistance.
weight loss
Meaning that those fat cells would be able to send a whole bunch of leptin, but your brain doesn’t get the message. However, it is important to realize that our understanding of leptin is still limited. Leptin is a relatively recent discovery (was called in 1994).
So although it has been done a number of studies (mostly on Guinea pigs and mice), still trying to understand how this hormone acts. For example, in one study, Guinea pigs fed a diet with 60% fructose for six months have become resistant to leptin.
This means that providing extra leptin has not slowed down their feeding habits. But, in another study, slightly more moderate consumption of fructose or glucose appeared as a protector against leptin resistance in the case of pigs fed a diet high in fat (30% fat). So although there are clearly certain actions you can take to help reduce leptin resistance, it is important to realize that many of the ideas are a little more than guessing attempts.
They could be very good attempts, but testing your body completely based on your diet I wouldn’t recommend.

So what should you do?

First, do not lose hope. Leptin resistance shows signs of being reversible. And although the research is not complete, there are some common sense things that we could do and should help.
Avoid eating too much, but do not enter a diet with calorie restriction.
restricted diet
Although overeating may temporarily increase leptin production, if somehow continue too long, can lead to leptin resistance. At the same time, the sudden restriction in terms of calories may reduce the amount of leptin produced. So adopting the diet with calorie restriction can actually reduce leptin from circulation, telling your brain to slow your metabolism and increase your hunger, even if you’re not resistant to leptin.

Do not eat less; eat better.

Consider reducing the amount of ingested fructose. Although there are some studies that contradict each other somewhat, it seems that diets high in fructose can cause leptin resistance. This makes sense, because fructose is decomposed into the liver, and one of the results are composed of triglycerides -an unpleasant fat that primarily blocks leptin preventing it from reaching the brain!

Eating less grain.

You might like eating cereals such as wheat, rye, and barley to leptin resistance. Dr. Tommy Jönsson and others have suggested that lectin (a protein) found in cereals might be bound to the receptors for leptin, resistance by creating such leptin.
Eating less grain

Sleep enough.

Sleep deficiency causes a decrease in leptin in circulation, and a rise of another hormone involved in appetite control: ghrelin. Except that causes ghrelin hunger. So if you didn’t sleep enough is a double source of problems!

Reduce your toxins.

Leaving aside the fact that sugar and wheat could be considered toxins by themselves, reducing the number of toxins can only be a good thing. Toxins can affect many of the hormones that control your weight, including leptin, and levels much lower than those considered acceptable by the Environmental Protection Agency/Environmental Protection Agency, according to, among others, and Dr. Mark Hyman.
Stop depositing the leftovers in plastic food containers, stop using chemicals for cleaning purposes and remove toxins from cosmetics.
Check the database “skin deep” (Eng.) for information about specific ingredients that must be avoided.
Eating less grain and fructose, sleep more and reduce your exposure to toxins. All are good tips, regardless of the level of leptin.
Do good for your body that will let the brain know and thus the brain will treat you accordingly. The best and easiest way to start living different and changing your lifestyle is by making a schedule for yourself and truly follow it for a new, healthier you. Not too long, and you will get into the routine and you will never look back.
Stay strong, be different, do good to yourself and embrace the truth, it will take you places you never knew existed.

Updated on 13-08-2020

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