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The Truth About Teeth Whitening

by Tatiana Plesco

Television advertisements inspired in every way that a white smile is what a person needs. Only to the owner of such teeth, the opposite sex will pay attention. They demonstrate the white teeth and tell you that in this way, you can achieve all your goals – they offer some whitening Toothpaste, chewing gum, compact, and modern self-whitening kits. It would seem that it is time to be happy and get relaxed because now you can do without the “most terrible doctor” of all times – the dentist. However, this is not the truth. Cleaning and especially teeth whitening – a very demanding procedure, if you hold it wrong, you can forget not only about the snow-white smile but the smile in general. How to obtain a healthy smile without harming the health of the teeth? 

Whitening teeth

Whitening teeth

What determines the color of the teeth?

In addition to genetic factors, plays an important role is paid by the food: food coloring, coffee, cigarettes – all this affects the color of the enamel. The reason why we should visit the dentist every six months, even if you follow all the rules of oral care, you need a professional dental cleaning – that is, remove all deposits that have accumulated on the surface. These deposits are called tartar. This procedure practically does not change the color of teeth. Changing the color of the teeth requires bleaching – a chemical attack on the tooth enamel.

What are the different types of whitening?

Professional whitening divided into two types – office, that is, in the dentist’s chair, and at houses. If you spend wisely whitening, you need to pass both of these stages. There are two types of office bleaching: in the first case, the reaction is run by mixing the two chemicals, in the second is triggered by the action of a unique lamp or laser. Usually, it takes one to three sessions. Then you have to fix the effect at home. It uses less active chemical compounds. Previously sold in pharmacies ready plastic mouthguard bleaching composition, but their use not recommended – requires a precise fit to the individual parameters. The home bleaching stage lasts from 5 to 10 procedures.

What about the various means of whitening, sold in pharmacies, and stores kinds of toothpaste, special gels, chewing gum?

whitening teeth

Different types of whitening teeth

Continuing their use is not recommended, as they increase the sensitivity of the teeth, and our teeth begin to react sharply to cold and hot. For example, whitening toothpaste cannot be used more than twice a week. A chewing gum still does not belong to a bleaching agent. Again whitening in every sense of the word can behold only by a dentist. As to kits for whitening, there is usually a substance in a low concentration, to inadequate quality of whitening, but it is sufficient to change the microflora of the mouth. So using “household” bleach is not recommended.

Are there any contraindications to bleaching?

First of all, it initiates the hypersensitivity of the teeth. The procedure shouldn’t be carried out in the presence of numerous open cavities. Note that if a lot of the front teeth fillings and crowns, after bleaching has to redo everything – otherwise, it will be noticeable contrast shades. Also, pregnant women should avoid this procedure. Are there any complications after the teeth whitening procedure? The most basic negative point – it’s the same tooth sensitivity. They sharpen the reaction to hot, cold, sweet, sour. To avoid this, patients should use a special gel.

What should be avoided immediately after the whitening procedure?

First of all, one should foods containing bright colors, such as wine, colorful vegetables. Otherwise, we can get the opposite effect, up to the most unexpected colors. Also, it is better to avoid smoking. Summarizing, we can say that regular oral care is extremely important for the health of teeth. It is best if every six months to pass their professional cleaning at the dentist because then conducted a range of challenging activities, and sometimes impossible to carry out at home. But it is well understood that bleaching is not the best option for your teeth. In the long run, it will only harm the teeth.

Updated on12/13/2019

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