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The Types of Migraine Treatments and Why You Must Know About Them

by Tatiana Plesco
Types of Migraine Treatment

Migraine attacks are primary headaches. These headaches are not caused by any other disorder or disease. The migraine symptoms include vomiting, headache, sensitivity to sound, and numbness. Migraines generally run in a family and are certainly a genetic disorder.

The severity of a migraine can vary from person to person. There is no age group for a migraine it can affect any age of the person. The migraine attack stays for minimum four hours and can extend up to three days; if it stays till three a doctor must be consulted. There is a thin line between a migraine and headache. Head pains, which are located only on one side head and causes vomiting and nausea, is known as a migraine. Hence it is important to know about migraine treatments.

The different types of a migraine:

  • A migraine without Aura: This the most common type of migraine attack. The symptoms are an intense headache, which happens usually on one side of the head and lasts from about 4 hours to 3 days.
  • A migraine with Aura: It is a chain of disturbances, which usually occurs before a headache begins. It lasts for 20-60 minutes. 20% of the migraine survivors experience a migraine with aura.
  • A migraine without a headache: Only about 1% of migraine survivors suffer from a migraine without a headache. It usually lasts for an hour. The symptoms are Blind spots, food cravings, stiff neck, zig-zag patterns.
  • A basilar Migraine: It is a frightening and rare type of a migraine with symptoms of double and blurred vision, stammering and loss of balance. It lasts about 10-45 minutes. Some people might lose their consciousness.

Types of Migraine Treatment

Common symptoms of a migraine

The severity of a migraine generally varies from person to person. Its symptoms are not same for all. The general symptom of a migraine is head pain and it occurs only on the one side of the temple. The other symptoms include vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound. It also causes visual problems like blurred vision, zig-zag pattern, and numbness during the migraine attack. Knowing symptoms is important before migraine treatment.

Therefore, some of the basic symptoms of a migraine are:

  1. Lack of peaceful sleep.
  2. Depression.
  3. Watery noise.
  4. Food Cravings.
  5. Visual Disorder
  6. Frequency of urination
  7. Stiff neck.
  8. Numbness.
  9. Weakness in a part of the body.
  10. Yawning.

The treatments for a migraine

treatments for a migraine

Drugs do treatment for a migraine. The migraine headaches can be relieved by consumption of drugs. Therefore, migraine can be treated with two kinds of drugs. A migraine can be treated with two types of drugs: abortive and preventive.


Abortive treatment is used to stop the migraine attack once it starts. It helps you stop a migraine when you start feeling it or when you know it has begun. Usually, the people who suffer from nausea and vomiting take these types of medications. These medications can be taken in various ways like self-injection, mouth or nasal spray.

The abortive treatments include only tripants, which can treat head pain only. They cannot relieve pain from back problems, menstruation, and other conditions. The ones who suffer from severe medical conditions should not take these medications.


The other way of migraine treatment is prevention. The only thing you need for that is a little self-control and healthy diet. The following are the ways you can avoid a migraine from hitting you:

  1. Choose and pay great attention to healthy diet.
  2. Avoid too much bright light and loud noises.
  3. Keep a track of your headache.
  4. Keep track of hormonal changes in your body.
  5. Avoid stress and too much pressure.
  6. Take a sound sleep of at least 8 hours.
  7. Eat at regular intervals don’t let your stomach empty.

These are the few ways to prevent and cure a migraine. If you catch a migraine at early stages, you can avoid some severe symptoms of it and can prevent yourself from different kind of pain with the right migraine treatment.

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