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Things No One Tells You When You Are Pregnant!

by Tatiana Plesco
Things No One Tells You When You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience. While many of us have to suffer from morning sickness or gestational weight gain, one has to admit, that the feeling of having a baby growing inside you, is one of the loveliest feelings a woman can have! While everyone loves to compliment a pregnant woman and tell her how lovely she looks, very few people really prepare us for what is really in store when the baby is born!

  • Pregnancy comes with a set of problems

Weight gain, gestation diabetes, or swollen ankles! While pregnancy is a wonderful feeling, the body undergoes major hormonal and physical changes, as the baby is being formed in the woman’s body. The first trimester may come with nausea and morning sickness, while the third trimester means that your body is growing large in the middle, often causing backaches and swollen ankles!

  • Being pregnant means everyone has some advice to share!

If you are pregnant, be prepared to hear everyone suggesting something or the other for the benefit of your child. Whether you want the advice or not, be prepared to hear everyone give their special advice. While people really mean good, sometimes, it does get overwhelming. The trick is to just nod your head, and do what you and your doctor think are the best!

  • Being pregnant means preparing yourself for breastfeeding!

Often, pregnant women experience some leakage of milk from their breasts towards the end of their pregnancy. This is nothing to worry. It is just the body’s way of preparing itself for breastfeeding the baby. Whether it is to decide on a pumping schedule for your baby or finding the best baby bottle warmers for your little one, it is always better to be prepared for it. Remember once the baby comes, you will have little time in hand. So doing some preparation in advance is the best!

  • Being pregnant means you pass urine often!

Most pregnant women admit that they have spent a lot of time searching for toilets when they were pregnant! The baby’s weight puts pressure on the bladders creating a frequent need to urinate. This is absolutely normal and you should not stop drinking fluids because of this.

  • Physical changes in the body

Breast Engorgement, hanging stomach, sagging breasts, stretch marks – all these the natural changes which occur in the body. While a lot of moms worry about the weight gain, it will actually go away, but not immediately. A friend of mine thought that as soon as her baby came out, she would get back to her pre-pregnancy weight. She was very disappointed that she did not lose her weight. We had to counsel her that it was not an immediate weight loss, but gradually weight loss, which would take place after the baby’s birth.

Physical changes in the body

  • Stool softeners become friends

Often during pregnancy and after birth, women find it very difficult to pass stool. I had a lot of issues after I delivered my baby, to pass stools. The doctor prescribed stool softeners, and that made a lot of differences to me. It is important to follow the doctor’s instructions and take medication as prescribed. It just makes life so much easier!

  • You discover new muscles and nerves

Pregnancy causes you to discover that there are loads of muscles and nerves in your body you have never used before! The body hurts in parts, you would not imagine even existed. Backaches, knee pain, and discomfort in the lower part of your body become very common during pregnancy.

  • There is hair loss after the baby is born

hair loss

While most women experience thick hair growth and a shiny gloss in their hair when they are pregnant, be prepared that once the baby is born, you are going to lose a lot of hair. Hormonal changes result in hair loss, as the body loses the extra estrogen which you were generating when you were pregnant!

  • Postpartum Depression is very common

While pregnancy is very joyous, a lot of women suffer from postpartum depression. I remember being very depressed after my baby was born, and I could not understand why? The lack of sleep, the constant breastfeeding, the hormonal imbalance, everything can cause depression. So be prepared and be positive about it.

  • Being Positive

One of the most important things you should do when you are pregnant and after the baby is born is to be positive. While the physical changes in the body may be tough to handle and you often feel like breaking down, remember you have a small baby being with you to take care and it is very important that you remain positive for your child. Talk to people around you, read a lovely book, enjoy some soothing music, talk to your partner, indulge in some tender love and care! Remember the more positive you are when you are pregnant and have delivered, the better effect it has on your baby!

Do you have tips to share with us about things people don’t tell you when you are pregnant? Do let us know!

Author Bio:

Hi! I’m Serena. The first time that I knew the term “being a mommy” was fantastic and unforgettable. It brought me a lot of changes in my body, my habit, my feeling and my whole life. I started Kitty mom in order to share my knowledge and experience to those who are first-time mommies and who have a long time to be back to mom’s work, all who need to search advice during the time taking care of their babies.

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