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Tips & Advice on How to Survive Wedding Season

by Tatiana Plesco
Survive Wedding Season

Wedding Season is a time of celebration, beautiful weather, good food and, most importantly, love. There comes a time when all of us realize the entire world is getting married, and you are expected to attend every single ceremony.

But for guests, wedding season can be overwhelming. From sunburnt outdoor weddings, celebrating a bit too much, empty pockets and pure exhaustion, wedding season can lead to quite the headache. We have comprised a list of all the latest tips and tricks for how to survive this wedding season while looking fabulous and still having a few bucks to spare.

Use Sunscreen

A ceremony by the water — what could be more romantic? As beautiful as outdoor weddings can be, they can be stressful for both the wedding party and guests.

Pack sunscreen! Even during sunset weddings, the sun can do damage to both your skin and eyes. Lathering on a quality sunscreen and bringing your favorite pair of sunglasses can save you from sunburn, along with future skin and eye troubles.

Be Smart About Your Shoes

Think twice before putting on those heels. Walking on sand or grass can be a real pain and, for the klutzes among us, can lead to some potentially horrific situations. Make sure to think ahead, wear sensible shoes if you’re at an outdoor wedding and save those heels for the after party.

For indoor affairs, make sure to break in your shoes the days preceding the wedding, and it never hurts to have a pair of flats nearby, just in case those heels become unbearable.

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Drink Plenty of Water

It’s a wedding, of course, so you are definitely going to celebrate, but sometimes we can party a little too hard, especially when there is an open bar.

Leading up to the big day, make sure you drink plenty of water. Hydration is vital to prevent that all-too-familiar feeling of being hit by a bus the next morning. For every 1-2 glasses of alcohol you consume, try to make sure to drink one glass of water, trust us — it’s a lifesaver!


Please eat! As much as we all want to look great in wedding photos, skipping out on carbohydrates and snacking on salad all night will not help you with the drunken photos from the after party. Maintaining proper nutrition throughout the entire wedding season will give you more energy and leave you looking like a million bucks.

During a wedding event, make sure to eat throughout the entire evening. It is easy to forget about eating once you get dancing, but it will lead to a mid-wedding crash and a major headache. If dinner is only served in one sitting, sneak a dinner roll, or two, into a napkin and pack some granola bars in your bag. Believe us, no one will judge you for being prepared.


Making sure you look fabulous throughout the entire evening is a real struggle. Even with the help of a professional makeup artist, your efforts can fall short once the party gets going. Use long-lasting makeup, a good primer and definitely do not forget to put on some setting powder.

Exfoliate the night before to give yourself a fresh-looking canvas in the morning. And always make sure to remove all makeup, exfoliate and use a good moisturizer before going to bed. You do not want your skin to be blemished for next week’s wedding.

Makeup tips


When it comes to hair, it is tempting to load up on the hairspray, but that’s the last thing you want to do. Overdoing it will actually make the hair heavier. Instead, style your hair when it is slightly dirty and apply a little product before creating that carefully styled messy updo.

All that product and sun during the summer months can leave your hair looking a bit drab. Minimize the amount of heat you use during styling, use hair masks and avoid chemicals. Better yet, schedule an appointment for a professional haircut from a revered salon like Barron’s London Salon for your wedding updo, so you can look absolutely fabulous without all the stress!

Schedule Conflicts

Overbooked? It’s okay, you don’t need to attend every wedding that you get invited to. The bride and groom will understand if your brother’s wedding happens to fall on the same day. The most important thing is to just be honest, tell them well in advance if you cannot make it and send a thoughtful gift with good wishes in your absence.

Bridal Party

If a close friend asks you to be a part of her special day, it can be both an absolute joy and stress inducing. Make sure you discuss both the bride/groom’s expectations and your limitations before agreeing to take part in their day.

Plan ahead. Being on top of your game is the most important thing to do when agreeing to be a part of the wedding party. Procrastinating will not only increase your stress levels the days leading up to the big event, but it may also put a strain on your friendship.

Bridal Party

Bride and Groom

It is your time to celebrate the love you share and your future together. Try not to get wrapped up in the perfect wedding; it doesn’t exist. Just like your loved one has flaws which you have grown to adore, your wedding will have a few bumps along the way, and that is okay.

Do Not Break Bank

Last but most importantly, no special day is worth going into debt over. Keep track of sales, utilize travel alerts and share a room. Basically, take advantage of anything you can think of to save a few pennies.

Remember that thoughtful gifts are just as valuable as expensive ones. Most brides and grooms understand that not everyone can afford a fancy china set. Supporting their love and sharing their special day are what truly matter. Enjoy the crazy ride that can be wedding season and remember, it’s a time to celebrate love, so start partying!

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