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Tips To Improve Hair Damaged Due To Environmental Changes

by Tatiana Plesco
Tips to Improve Hair Damage

Hair loss seems to have become the common concern among the majority of people today. In fact, women suffer from hair loss problems as often as men. While there are several reasons that cause loss of hair, the environmental factors appear to be the main culprit behind the increasing hair issues. Humid environment, pollution, temperature variations and strong sun rays are the major environmental factors that contribute to hair loss. Below are a few tips that can help improve your hair damaged because of environmental changes:

  • Maintain a Healthy Diet

You must have heard of the saying, “you are what you eat”. The same applies to maintaining overall good health, and most importantly, your hair. Including foods rich in essential vitamins and minerals in your diet plays an important role in improving the condition of your hair. At the same time, you must avoid eating junk food high in saturated fat and sugar as it results in poor hair growth.

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated

We all are familiar with how water can give you a glowing skin. Likewise, keeping yourself hydrated; by drinking at least eight cups of water a day is essential for hair growth. Wondering how? Water is the best natural ingredient that provides support to a body in consuming vitamins – that are necessary for the growth of healthy hair. Moreover, a humid environment can cause dehydration, which has a direct impact on hair growth. But, drinking plenty of water helps in preventing dehydration.

  • Keep Your Hair and Scalp Clean

Exposure to sun rays, humidity and sweat lead to the oily and itchy scalp, which can weaken the hair strands. However, regular hair washing helps remove excess oil (and dandruff), thereby keeping your hair and scalp clean. Also, washing your hair cut down the risk of infections that often cause hair breakage or loss. Besides, clean hair helps add more volume to the hair.

  • Wear a Hat (or Cap) to Avoid Sun Exposure

Harmful sun rays can damage your hair. So, before heading out in the sun make sure to keep your head covered by a hat or a cap. It might provide complete protection from getting your hair exposed to the strong sun rays, but as one says “protection is better than cure.”

  • Ask Your Doctor About the Status of Your Hair

Lastly, if you believe that your hairs are damaged, you must consult a reputable doctor right away. Your doctor will analyze the condition of your hair, and then recommend possible treatment and/or hair care products that can help treat your hair loss problem effectively. Be wary of availing any treatment from a doctor, who does not provide necessary consultation with clarification behind what’s causing loss of hair.


Changes in the environment can increase the risk of hair breakage, which ultimately leads to hair loss. However, keeping the above-listed considerations in mind will definitely help you fight the problems associated with hair loss caused due to environmental factors or changes.

Author Biography:

Dr. Sangay Bhutia is a hair transplant surgeon running her clinic in Delhi. She is also active in writing blogs and articles in this area. She has been running her clinic at HairnSenses which is the most affordable hair transplant in Delhi and NCR. The above article is on how the environment can affect our hairs drastically.

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