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Tips On Choosing The Theme For A Traditional Tattoo Sleeve

by Tatiana Plesco
Traditional Tattoo

When you are deciding to get a tattoo sleeve, you have to think out every little detail quite carefully. Unlike a typical tattoo that you get on your body, getting a traditional tattoo sleeve requires commitment, planning, and time. You cannot just choose any image that you like on impulse from the internet and build your theme upon it. The best way to make the tattoo design is going through the previous works of professional tattoo artists or online research. But it would be best if you kept in mind that any image cannot be designed on your skin.

When you plan on getting a traditional tattoo sleeve, you have to understand that it takes a lot of planning, commitment, and time. Firstly, it is quite essential to do your research so that you can decide upon the style and theme of your sleeve. Start looking for tattoo artists who can work with you closely and select your ideas so that you can get your custom tattoo sleeve design in the desired manner. Finding a reputed tattoo artist specialized in the field is very important in this case.

There Are Four Different Kinds Of Traditional Tattoo Sleeve Tattoos:

  1. Quarter: Getting a quarter sleeve means that the area right from the middle of your elbow to the top of the shoulder will be covered in tattoos.
  2. Half: This means that the tattoo will cover the area from your elbow to the top of your shoulder.
  3. Full sleeve: The area right from your wrist to the top of your shoulder is covered in tattoos.
  4. Hikae: This style was originally from Japan, where the tattoo sleeve would cover the chest area, starting from the wrist of your hand.
Tattoo sleeve

How To Plan Your Traditional Tattoo Sleeve
Traditional Tattoo sleeves require a lot of planning since they consist of much smaller yet intricate works of art. It would be best if you remembered to collaborate with your tattoo artist since he should get some freedom while designing your tattoo sleeve. Believe it or not, they are the professionals here, so they would know what would look the best. Expressing your idea and desire the tattoo sleeve to your artist will help them to create a unique and professional piece of artwork that you can be proud of.

Look for professional artists: This is a no-brainer. One of the mistakes that people tend to make while deciding on the design of their traditional tattoo sleeve is choosing the wrong tattoo artist. Every tattoo artist specializes in their artwork. This means, while some can do great portraits, some are great at minimalistic linework art. So deciding on what the central theme of your tattoo is, you can choose your tattoo artists accordingly. You can check out the portfolio of the tattoo artists.

Tattoo sleeve  styles
Tattoo sleeve styles

Styles and themes: Browse through different ideas and techniques to decide on the central theme of your tattoo sleeve. There are various styles, such as tribal, new school, Japanese, Celtic, etc. that you can choose.
Motifs: You can choose a few themes to make a more intricate tattoo that will be completely customized for you.
Symbols: After deciding on the style, motif, and overall message of the tattoo sleeve, you can then choose some symbols to incorporate into the entire tattoo. This will add a whole meaning to your tattoo sleeve.
After getting your tattoo, you must talk to your tattoo artist about the aftercare tips. The healing process takes time, and you should make sure that you are following the professional suggestions in this period.

Updated on 12/28/2019

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