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Tips To De-Stress Your Runs

by Tatiana Plesco
De-Stress Your Runs

Often use my runs to burn off everyday stress. However, if your runs don’t provide a faultless distraction and vigor boost during stressful times—they could really be the source of increased strain.

Here are six ways to de-stress your running workouts…

  • Breathe Deeply

You may surprise how breathing wrong would be an issue during a run, but many folks take shallow sniffs when exerted, which can problem shooting pain (or side stitches) and tiredness sooner in your exercises than you’d like. They key is to reduce your belly and take full deep breaths.

To confirm relaxing deep breathing and full intake of oxygen, breathe in through your mouth and nose and respire through your mouth. You will know you’re taking full benefit of deep abdominal breathing when you see your belly expand—not just growth in the upper chest. Decrease your pace until you get this full abdomen breathing down pat and then rise as you become relaxed with full deep breathing.

  • Smile to Release Endorphins

One of the most important reasons why we working and continue to do so is due to the great feelings that come with endorphin relief. Endorphins, (or endogenous morphine) produced by the central nervous system and pituitary gland, are natural ache and stress fighters. These “feel good” elements are touted for decreasing ache while stimulating feelings of euphoria and strengthening immune reaction.

A research from Psychology Nowadays, which was also published in the journal Neuropsychologia, found that smiling as you work out activates the release of endorphins (comprising dopamine and serotonin). Plus, you have to admit, it’s hard to feel angry, irritated, or worried with a big smile. This is why various yoga instructors tell you to smile when tackling a hard or strenuous yoga pose.

  • Loosen Hands and Shoulders

After my runs, I used to get sore knots in my shoulders and cramps in my hands. Why? Because I was harboring all of my anxiety directly in those areas and clenching my fistfuls like the Terminator whenever I would run.

It’s common to hold anxiety in the hands and shoulders during runs, which can result in added strain, knots, and cramps up the arms and into the lower back, shoulder belt, and neck. Holding tension in these areas can also leave of absence you ride for poor running form and the growth of shoulders, neck, and lower back wounds. Next time you run, jiggle out your fists and hold your hands movable as you run rather than clamp together tight. Also, if you hold a lot of tautness on your shoulders, shake your arms loose to banish strain I do this when running downhill.

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