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Tips To Save Your Relationship

by Tatiana Plesco
Tips To Save Your Relationship

In order to lead a harmonious relationship is far from easy – but infinitely important for health. You can eat perfectly. You can go several times a week to the gym. You can have a great job and a lot of money. But all that has no advantage to you if your relationship does not work. Therefore: Tell me how your relationship goes and I’ll tell you how healthy you are! So make sure that your relationship is harmonious again. Save Your Relationship! Tips can be found here.

  • The end of the relationship – yes or no?

How many people break the relationship off in no time, just to experience in the next relationship exactly the same problem? That cannot be a coincidence. This may not always lie with the partner. So what remains the same while you change the apartment, the city, the job, the partner? Right. The person itself remains the same. Could it not be possible that we – should first look at ourselves before we make the partner responsible for any mishaps and failures – for problems in the relationship?

  • Save Your Relationship Now!

So if you have no desire to move from one partner to another and still be doing anything would change if you have no desire to experience with each partner the same fiasco, the same disappointments, you save your relationship and yourself – now!

  • Are you sensitive? Do not worry!

If you are sensitive and have the habit forever reflect on one and the same thing? Do you tend over and over again to analyze conversations and situations that have long since passed, to blame themselves, not to have one way or react and be constantly tormented anew by perhaps painful manifestations of your counterpart?

Then you ask first for the trouble! All that, which you get angry with, it is exhausting enough. So do not worry to even more stress than you already are. Accept your sensitive nature and your analytical tendency. So do not self-reproach, because you are what you are and not otherwise. On the contrary, you love your sensitivity and all your other properties; embrace yourself and your uniqueness! Be a good friend to you, the best there is!

  • The feeling in your stomach – you are interpreting it right!

Do you sometimes have that feeling in your stomach? A feeling as though at any moment something bad will happen? A feeling that tells you like it is now, it is not right. Something is not right. Of course, you blame the partner. But basically, you do not know what actually that feeling wants to tell you. So you begin to give a meaning to the feeling. And finally, do you think the feeling is the inner command to finally leave your partner. You are sure that it wears off if you are only gone before. Maybe it diminishes also. But it comes back – the latest in the next relationship. But who is really behind the feeling in my stomach? The gut feeling is nothing more than fear. Your stomach does not know why you are afraid. He urges you to escape – whether as a boar herd is behind you, or whether you just afraid of the look into your own heart. If you think is a sing you have to en your relationship thinks again. In most cases, it does not work and the feeling comes again – simply because the fear is indeed still there.

There are many types of anxiety. Find yours and give her no more power over yourself and not about your relationship! The feeling in my stomach so is you – and has little to do with your partner.

  • It is up to you! Take responsibility!

It is really up to you! Believe it or not! Sorry, this item is really the one that is particularly difficult to digest. So if some things that your partner does or says you get them to chase the smooth walls up, this is in fact even in some ways is a problem, but especially yours. So you are in a dilemma. Observe yourself and your partner once in this regard. Often, it helps if the relationships to be aware, to accept the other as an individual without having to constantly expect from him, that he or she changes. You may be thinking now and then how the relationship was in the beginning. Don’t expect that when it develops will be as in the beginning, But if you put a little effort and don’t wait only for your partner to do it better the relationship can be wonderful.

  • Opt for the love!

Infatuation is not loved. Fall in love at first sight. Yes, it is. Real love comes but not just happens. Love does not happen just like that. But love can be controlled and maintained. Love can grow if you let it. You can decide whether you want to make the experience with this feeling or just not so. Because love can also be displaced and pushed away. But you must not also forget one thing: Love does not have much to do with a fairy tale.

  • Love is not a fairytale

The nature of love is far from a fairy tale. Our society has so many unhealthy ideas about what love has to be: It is expected by the partner that he always knows exactly when and what we need it. One expects the partner to be pampered and spoiled. He will protect us from pain and surprise every day with romantic gestures. None of this is real and comes from a world of illusion that we have perhaps taken from films or novels in our expectations. So love is by no means a fairy tale. Love covers almost everything: ecstasy, pain, excitement, confusion, proximity, distance, understanding, disappointment … and much more. To experience and to ensure love can be exhausting sometimes.

  • Nobody is perfect

Your partner is a man of good and bad sides, with great features, but also with errors, just a human being with all the trimmings. He will never approach this imaginary ideal range.

No one is perfect. Your partner will never have all the features you want from him. Maybe he likes to cook your favorite food, calls you five times a day, go shopping and is a great lover. At the same time, it is a six-pack, the thick Account, and certain technical skills are lacking. Men feel the same way. Your wife may look great, homemakers and a rocket in bed. But she babbling too much does not understand his motorcycle weakness and finds his buddies uncouth. Then there is this class woman in the company. Every day she meets with her Harley one is rather silent and you can take it in the evening or a quiet drink two beers. So you can focus on the good qualities of your partner and not on what he has NOT or CAN NOT. And be thankful that there is your partner. Finally, there is no better school than a spiritual relationship.

Some problem-solving strategies in relationship

  1. -Make a real appointment with each other, Shimberg says. If you live together, put the cell phones on vibrate, put the children to bed, and let voicemail pick up your calls.
  2. -If you can’t “talk” without raising your voices, go to a public spot like the library, park, or eating a place where you’d be ashamed if anyone saw you screaming.
  3. -Set up some rules. Try not to interrupt until your lover is through speaking, or ban phrases such as “You every time …” or “You never ….”
  4. -Use body language to display you is listening. Don’t doodle, see at your watch, or pick at your nails. God so the other person knows you’re getting the communication, and rephrase if you need to. For example, say, “What I hear you saying is that you feel as however, you have more chores at home, even though we’re both functioning.” If you’re right, the other can check. If what the other person actually meant was, “Hey, you’re a good-for-nothing and you create more work for me by having to choose up after you,” he or she can say so, but in a nicer method.

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