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Tips to Select Perfume as a Gift for a Loved One

by Tatiana Plesco
Perfume as a Gift

Picking out a gift for your loved one? Then, you must have considered buying them perfume. Most people don’t know but it is a delightful way to show that you have been thinking about what suits them. According to the experts, choose a fragrance that makes a link with the individual from an element of the fragrance mix. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right fragrance for your loved one.

Fragrance for your Loved one

#1 Remember it is Not About You

While it may seem counterintuitive to overlook your own instincts, particularly when it comes something as elemental as fragrance, it is essential to remember that choosing a scent for your loved one isn’t about your personal preferences. You should never offer a fragrance that you think is right for you. The secret to gift-giving is that you think of the recipient rather than yourself. Therefore, it is not about choosing a ‘good’ scent; it is about choosing the fragrance that’s a good match with the individual who will be wearing it. It is essential to sideline your ‘olfactive’ susceptibilities and keep an open mind, and obviously nose.

#2 Your Relationship Matters

If you are shopping for a family member like your brother, sister, or best friend, the chances are you know them very well. If this is the case, choose a bold, nighttime fitting fragrance. However, if you are not that close, it is always advised to pick something lighter, which will have less room for error. On the other hand, if it is your spouse or partner you are shopping for, you are in luck because you don’t have to put much thought into it – simply pick a fragrance that you would love them to wear.

#3 Consider their Personality

Before you go perfume shopping, it is recommended that you think about your loved one’s overall demeanor. If your loved one is more of an outgoing personality and typically louder, he/she would generally like to be noticed. In that case, go for something bold. A bold fragrance is doable for both night and day. However, if your loved one is a quieter personality and shy, prefer something light during the day and mild scent for the night.

#4 Your Loved One’s Taste in Food and Drink is Important

Taste in Food and DrinkIt is surprising but it is true. If your loved one loves spicy food or a glass of red wine, the chances are he/she will love a deeper, bold scent, like a rosy oud or woody musk. And if your loved one is constantly craving sweets, he/she will definitely won’t hate smelling like strawberry or vanilla. Experts explain that if you like red wine; you will like a woody scent, whereas if you are somebody who likes sweet coffee, you will like a gourmand. Visit https://fragrance365.ca/ to see some stunning fragrance collection for your loved ones.


#5 Look for an Innovative Epitome   

Naturally, you have to comb the shelves of the departmental store to find ‘the one’ that will enchant your loved one, but there might be a simple solution. Instead of suggesting a new fragrance, we would rather suggest that you find out which fragrance is treasured above all, and buy a gift of a matching body product like bath oil or shower gel, body lotion or crème, dusting powder or soap. You can always avail help from a fragrance expert at the store who can help you with fragrance combining (pairing complementary notes) or layering matching scents.

#6 Choose the Time of Day

Before you buy your loved one the perfect scent, it is important that you know when he/she wears perfume the most. Is it night or is it during the daytime? Or something more versatile? Musky spicy or heavier scent feels great at night, whereas, scents on the lighter floral side like jasmine, works better for daytime.

#7 Think about your Loved One’s Everyday Life – Dressing Sense

Loved One’s Everyday Life

Is your loved one attention-getting or classic? Does he/she spend money on leather or denim? You have to keep in mind that the more understated style your loved one has, less likely he/she could go for deep, bold scent. So keep it simple and fresh. On the other hand, who loves extravagant clothing; they would love rich notes like musk and wood.

#8 Make an Introduction

When it comes to scents, we all have comfort zones. However, sometimes stepping out of the box can lead the wearer to a completely new perfume world. With the latest guard of niche offerings presenting exotic ingredients and unlikely combinations, it is quite possible to gift a scent outside your loved one’s olfactive bubble. Honestly, it isn’t a bad thing as there is no ‘bad taste’ as far as perfumes are concerned, only ‘different tastes.’ This gives a person a prospect to discover an original scent that he/she wouldn’t have thought was suitable for his/her taste. Olfactive journeys are indeed personal, but sometimes the best perfume gifts are those that you wouldn’t purchase.

Final Thoughts

It is always important to notice personality traits while buying perfume as a gift for your loved one because we love to wear a fragrance that reflects our mood. Honestly, a perfect perfume gift is something that you would love but perhaps will not buy for yourself. But after all, it is really the thought that counts.

Updated: 11 April 2019

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