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Top 10 Books For Personal Development

by Tatiana Plesco
Personal Development
Writer Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “When you meet a man with a great personality, you should ask him what books he read.”

Personal development books can help you discover your own potential, to extend the field of consciousness, to create a balance between your inner universe and outside, to discover the power of the mind, emotions and to participate consciously in shaping their own lives. All your experiences are designed to guide you to a quiet life, living in abundance, health, joy, entuziam, and safety.

To help you make the best choices, we’ve created a top 10 of the most acclaimed books of spiritual development, available in bookshops throughout the world.

10. Home with God. In a life that never ends- Neale Donald Walsch

What really happens in this life and what will happen when it ends? Will we meet with loved ones who have gone before? Will God be there to meet us? Will, there will be a day of Judgment? Shall we ever know what happens after we die? In this book, you will find answers to questions on shattering every human being and puts them throughout life.

9. The answer is simple … love thyself, live in unison with your spirit-Sonia Choquette,

The answer is simple
After studying thousands and thousands of people from all areas of activity, with the qualities and their defects, Sonia guy Choquette, came to the conclusion that the only Brawl who succeed in life, finding spiritual peace and joy are those who have a different vision over reality. They do not perceive this reality primarily from the perspective of their ego-personality of their insecure and defensive, which suffer because of the difficulties posed by life-but from the perspective of an aspect of their nature, spirit, you let it take over control over their lives. As to declare herself the author, the book will help “to live the most beautiful love story which you can experience in this lifetime: the story of love with your own divine spirit, sacred and authentic, so sublime.”

8. Feelings buried alive never die -Karol k. Truman

Karol k. Truman put in this book the whole essence of knowledge that has accrued over time. The aim of the book is to teach you how to discover — maybe for the first time in your life-the feeling of forgiveness, peace, love, joy, peace, happiness and success, you are looking for for so long. The principles we describe this book will help you to dramatically change your lifestyle and to eliminate emotions and moods, negative mental beliefs that we’ve nurtured and protected them so long. Thy existence every day will become so much more satisfying, more fulfilled and more positive than you’ve experienced before.

7. The intention experiment-Lynne McTaggar

The intention experiment-Lynne McTaggar
The book is an unprecedented exploration of the science of intention. Based on the constatarilor of some renowned scholars from around the world, the thought Experiment demonstrates that intention has the ability to influence things in our lives. Also, this is the first book that readers are encouraged to take an active part in the original research that we support.
Using the latest research at Princeton, MIT, Stanford, and many other prestigious universities and laboratories, the intention Experiment reveals the universe is connected by a giant quantum energy field.
The thought generates its own energy palpable, which you can use to improve your life when it is used together with a group of the interconnected-to change the world. McTaggart is offering a practical program, through which you can get in touch with your own thoughts, you can enhance the strength and activity of your intentions to start getting real changes in your life.

6. An emeritus in the Himalayas-Paul Brunton

Seduced by the spirituality of the East, Paul Brunton has traveled to the region to get to know people and saints and their wisdom itself. In 1936, he spent several months in a place isolated from the Himalayan mountains, where he applied to ancient teachings in an attempt to get in touch with your higher self.
Though not devoid of adventures, this adventure I brought about spiritual experiences and meetings with as many different characters as interesting, from the pilgrims, Yogis and up to one of the Princes in Nepal. In A book in the Himalayas, Teresa may Gan Brunton gives us a delightful travel diary, but also a spiritual guide, which teaches us to find inner peace, so necessary in the frenzied civilized world.

5. Spiritual solutions. Answers to the biggest challenges of life-Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra
Throughout his career, Professor and writer Deepak Chopra has received thousands of letters from people who are confronted with different challenges.
They wanted to find out how they can improve their lives, how they can solve the problems or how can I overcome the obstacles. In his book, absolutely innovative, Chopra shows us how we can expand consciousness, which is the key to overcome debilitating confusion and conflicting ones. Depak Chopra leads us towards what he calls the real Self, where peace, clarity, and wisdom we serve as guidance in times of crisis.

4. The monk who sold his Ferrari-Robin s. Sharma

The monk who sold his Ferrari is the story of Julian Mantle, a famous lawyer, who due to unbalanced lifestyle reaches the brink of dying, suffering a heart attack in a courtroom crowded. Physical collapse ii creates a spiritual crisis, forcing him to confront his condition and seek out answers to the most important questions of life. Hoping to find happiness and fulfillment, he embarks on an extraordinary odyssey of an ancient culture, in which he discovers a remarkable system to release the potential of the mind, body, and soul and learn to live with more passion with a purpose well defined and in full peace.
The book is a bestseller, being cited as a reference by many authors in the field of personal development.

3. Healing emotions. Dialogues with the Dalai Lama

About rationality, emotions and health-Daniel Goleman
Can the mind heal the body? How are they interconnected with the brain, immune system and emotions? What are the emotions associated with wellbeing? How exactly does the understanding, as a function of the mind, in the medical context? There’s underlying biological ethics? How we can help the idea of death to understand the nature of the mind?
These are the questions that a group of scientists, along with the Dalai Lama, have tried to answer in the context of meetings that have been held in Dharamsala, India. Healing emotions is unusual for a book that explores an “interdependence” of a special type, which constitutes the very essence of life: mind, body, spirit. Questions, answers, comments that were this intense dialogue fail to widen us worldview, exploring the connections between aspects of the human being that they never thought possible.

2. Silence speaks-Eckhart Tolle,

“This is not a book that you can read from page to page and then leave it in the library. He lives with it, browse it frequently and, most important, leave it aside as often, in other words, spend more time holding it in your hand than reading it. Many readers will feel the natural impulse to stop after every phrase, making a break to reflect on those. It is much more useful and more important to stop reading than to continue to read.
Allowed the book to fulfill its mission, you wake up and you pull the light away from the beaten paths of your repetitive and conditioned thinking. ” Eckhart Tolle Silence speaks is a spiritual journey from which you will learn to accept various situations through which pass you accept yourself exactly as you are, do not be afraid to love and to live consciously each moment.

1.The road to yourself-M. Scott Peck

The book of M. Scott Peck, a psychiatrist with a long experience in psychotherapy, talking about fundamental things related to the evolution of humanity: thinking, consciousness, knowledge, and spiritual evolution, choices made in personal life or in an organized setting (institution, society), but also about the “Science” of God. Scientist himself, the author is looking for, in this book, to understand the mysteries of creation and path to faith. The road to yourself is a book that became a classic, which already has sold over 7 million copies in the U.S. and Canada, having been translated into more than 20 languages.

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