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Top 4 Foods That You Should Consume During Pregnancy

by Tatiana Plesco
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Pregnancy is a very critical stage and needs to be handled with special care. For taking care of your and your baby’s health, you need to follow several precautions. You should follow specific tips for performing the right exercises and the right foods. After the workout, I am now sharing decent foods that should be consumed during pregnancy. Right foods are essential for avoiding several diseases and availing a safe delivery. During the entire nine-month period, you need to avoid processed foods and consume nutritious foods. So are you ready to know four best foods during pregnancy? Here, I go:

  • Yogurt –

Like milk, yogurt also contains high calcium content. It is this calcium that is required by babies for their growing bones. In addition to calcium, yogurt is also rich in folate and protein. Due to this thing, yogurt helps in strengthening the muscles of moms. Also, this food helps in improving the nerves and muscle function. The excellent bacterium that is present in yogurt prevents yeast infections and stomach problems. You need to know that yeast infections are among the most common problems during pregnancy. You should eat about 1200 mg of yogurt four times a day. According to your choice, blend yogurt into smoothies, mix with sandwich fillings, or put in your breakfast parfait.


  • Red Meat –

This protein-rich foods offer huge amino acids that are required for building different cells of babies. Along with strengthening cells of your baby’s bodies, you can also create your own body’s cells. This protein-rich food also helps in stabilizing your body sugar. In addition to vitamins, minerals, and proteins, this food contains iron that helps in preventing anemia. This blood loss disease also occurs commonly during pregnancy. With this food, you can improve nerve connections in your baby’s brain. Other than red meat, you can too eat lean beef, lamb, or pork during pregnancy. You need to consume this high protein food for at least three times a day. You should add this food to salads, soups or noodles and consume it at regular intervals.

Red Meat

  • Oats –

If you are looking for a particular food for avoiding constipation problems, oats are the perfect option for you. This food is rich in complex carbs, B vitamins, iron, and other minerals. Because of the iron content, oats also help in strengthening your and your baby’s muscles. With this whole-grain food, you can quickly fill the hunger of your baby. The baby can get essential vitamins, minerals, and grow faster in shorter periods. Though this is a typical breakfast food, you can also mix it with cakes, muffins, or meatloaf and consume it for breakfast or dinner. You should eat this food with other whole-grain foods such as

  1. Rice
  2. Whole Wheat
  3. QuinoaOats
  • Wild Salmon –

This is one of the healthiest fishes found in different parts of the world. Wild salmon is loaded with vast omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Nevertheless, vitamin A and vitamin E are also found in this fish. These nutrients help in enhancing metabolism and avoiding stress, tensions especially prenatal depression. This fish is known for stimulating DHA that helps in the improvement of the baby’s eyes and brain. The retina and cerebrum avail of a specific type of growth. Include enriched eggs, walnuts in this omega 3-rich food and consume regularly

  1. You should avoid large size fishes such as sharks, fresh tuna, swordfish, amberjack, etc.
  2. You should consume about 10-13 ounces of fish every week.


During pregnancy, you should avoid processed, ill-cooked, and other heavy foods and consume healthy meals regularly. Yogurt arrives with vast calcium that helps in the growth of the baby’s bones. Red meat’s high iron content ensures that there is no blood loss (anemia disease). With oats, you can strengthen you are as well as your baby’s muscles. By eating wild salmon, enhance the power of your baby’s eye and brain. Therefore, eat these foods to keep you and your baby healthy for nine full months.

Updated: 10 June 2020

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