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Top 5 Advantages of Using Herbal Medicine

by Tatiana Plesco
Using Herbal Medicine

Most of the natural medicines which we use currently are the creation of Ayurveda or are associated with other traditional and natural branch of medicine. These medicines were made using the natural derivatives of plants, flowers, seeds, etc. However, modern medicine uses more of synthetic chemicals as opposed to natural remedies. These natural remedies are also known as herbal medicine, and they have immense benefits on human health.

There are always two opposing theories; those who believe in using modern medicines created in laboratories and those who believe in natural, herbal medication. Here are the top five advantages of using herbal medicines.

  1. They Are Cheaper

Since modern medicine uses a lot of chemicals, requires research in the laboratories, scientists, and marketing, these medicines are generally expensive. Not everyone can afford these medicines. However, herbal medicines use naturally found compounds which are quite cost-effective. This lowers the total cost of herbal medicines as compared to the cost of modern medicines.

  1. No Adverse Effects

If you happen to check the leaflet which comes with any packaged modern medicine, you will be surprised to find a long list of side effects that a patient may suffer after the consumption of these medicines. While some of these side effects are mild, there are also many dangerous side effects that an individual may develop due to the intake of these medicines. However, herbal medicines rarely come with any sort of side effects, unless the individual is allergic to the substance used in the medicine. These herbal medicines also do not have any long-term ill effects and do not harm the body of the person consuming it.

herbal medicines

  1. Multipurpose Functions

Traditionally, fruits, seeds, vegetables, plants, and flowers were used to treat different kind of diseases and conditions that humans faced in their everyday lives. One of the best things about herbal remedies is that often, one particular substance will have dozens of different cures for different conditions. Ex: Peppermint is a plant which can be used as an essential oil for treating depression; it can be used to cure bad breath; it can be used as a digestive aid, and it can also be used as a kitchen spice!

  1. Increase Your Natural Immunity

Herbal medicine concentrates on increasing the natural immunity and fighting the bacteria in a person’s body. These herbal medicines do not use chemical compounds that will fight against diseases and risks, rather, they increase the production of natural compounds in the body which help an individual fight these diseases, risks, and conditions. The enhanced immunity helps the individual fight over the diseases and risk of infections, making him/her stronger overall.

herb Increase Your Natural Immunity

  1. Can Be Used to Treat Chronic Conditions

There are several prescription drugs which are available in the market to treat almost any kind of condition. However, it is also important to remember that all of these prescription medicines come with several kinds of side effects. These side effects do a lot of harm to the individual’s body. However, when using herbal medicine to treat certain chronic conditions, it can be seen that the individual experiences little to no side effects, and the herbal medicine is a great long-term solution to chronic conditions.

Herbal medicines can be widely found, and more often than not, you would not need a formal prescription to purchase them. This is mostly because of the fact that these medicines do not have any adverse effects on your body. Herbal medicines are gaining more and more recognition these days. People nowadays are opting for herbal medicines to prescription drugs due to their advantages.

Updated on 11-08-2020

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