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Top 5 Foods For Keeping Your Hair Healthy

by Tatiana Plesco

Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and several other nutrients are required for maintaining hair. Proteins provide various amino acids like cystine, methionine, and lysine that help in improving hair growth. Carbohydrates lead to the development of some body tissues that enhance the scalp and prevent hair loss. Fats and vitamins provide energy and strengthen the hair roots. So, you need to consume the foods that contain all these nutrients. By availing these nutrients, you can also improve secretion of growth hormones such as androgens and testosterone. Whether it is summer or winter, you can promote the growth of your hair. Here are five best foods through which you can keep your hair healthy for long periods:

  • Salmon

 This fish arrives with huge amounts of proteins that strengthen the hair roots. Also, this food contains vitamin D that promotes the growth of hair. Moreover, several omega-3 fatty acids help in keeping the hair scalp healthy. With this food, you can maintain shine and luster of your hair. Although salmon is a perfect food for all seasons, you should consume this food more in the summer season than in the winter season. According to, to your preference, you can make various recipes and enjoy salmon for lunch or dinner. So, if you want to maintain your smooth hair, you need to include this food in your diet plan.


  • Eggs

Do you know biotin, a phytonutrient pretty much help in boosting the hair growth? 1. This nutrient is found in abundance in eggs. Along with biotin, eggs also contain omega-3 fatty acids. Out of all eggs, white eggs are considered as the most nutritious eggs. It’s eggs that make hair long and beautiful, but it’s the yellow color yolk present inside. For availing biotin, people even eat eggs in supplement form. But, you do not need to consume too many eggs. It is because unnecessary eggs lead to blockage of biotin into the body that can even cause some harmful effects. So, you need to avoid the habit of eating too many eggs. And for hair growth, they are one of the best foods.

  • Sweet Potatoes

Here is a vegetarian food that also takes care of your wonderful hair. Sweet potatoes come with beta-carotene, an important nutrient. With this food, you can not only promote hair growth but can also make your scalp healthy. Sweet potatoes offer a great amount of vitamin A. But do know excess of vitamin A can become toxic and cause negative effects? So, you should avoid consuming unnecessary sweet potatoes. Certainly, sweet potatoes offer the perfect breakfast. Therefore, it is a better option to eat sweet potatoes in the morning. But, it is a bad option to consume this food several times in a day.

Sweet Potatoes

  • Avocados

 From very long periods, avocados are used for enhancing the beauty of human beings. Basically, this fruit is used for making the skin supple and smooth. But, because of several fatty acids, they are recommended for hair, too. By applying avocados to your and scalp, you can stimulate collagen and improve the production of elastin, a material that enhances hair growth. For enhanced results, you should take sour cream and mix with avocados. Then, you should apply this mixture on your hair and wash after ten minutes. You will observe a new type of shine on your hair. Wash your hair with this mixture for at least two times in a week.

  • Almonds

 Almonds are one of the best foods that provide vast health benefits. Nevertheless, they are good for hair, too. These nuts are an excellent source of biotin. This high biotin content very much helps in stimulating hair growth. So, with almonds, you can grow your hair in very short periods. 2. By eating one cup of almonds, you can fulfill, one-third of your daily requirements. If you eat this food at regular intervals, you will not have to meat, fish and whole grain foods. In just one month, you can see the benefits that are acquired by consuming this food on regular basis.



For keeping your hair and scalp healthy, you need to consume several foods. Salmon are the great source of vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids. White eggs come with a wonderful phytonutrient called biotin. With sweet potatoes, you can avail beta-carotene, a hair supporter, and vitamin A. Avocados help in improving elastin production and keep the hair scalp healthy. From a single cup of almonds, you can avail vast nutrients like biotin and carotene and make your hair beautiful. Keep on eating these foods at all times throughout the day.

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