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Top 5 Health Benefits of Adding Detox Tea to Your Diet

by Tatiana Plesco
Detox Tea

Also known as “Teatox”; this is drinking teas infused with laxatives, diuretics, and stimulants like caffeine along with healthy eating.

Most people work hard all day, and by the middle of the day, feel tired and can’t function anymore. This is when bad habits can easily develop and your favorite candy or energy drink full of sugar seem like good options for a speedy recovery! Of course, this is where you go wrong harming your body.

We often don’t consider the fact that the feeling of being tired and restless is a result of the impurities and toxins in the body.  Hence, doctors and health specialist always recommend detox tea to assist in the cleansing of the body from inside.

Today, people on a vegan diet add detox teas to their diets as an alternative to regular tea, coffee, and soft drinks. Along with an organic diet and lifestyle, people taking detox tea to reduce and prevents toxin in their body.

  1. Eliminates Toxins in the Body

Every day we encounter environmental pollutants, chemicals, and heavy metals that get stored in cells and tissues of the body. This creates toxicity and this may affect metabolism, immune system, and our overall health. This also reduces the ability of the body to fight diseases.  Adding detox tea to your diet will lower the toxic build-up and improve the activity of liver detoxification.

Eliminates Toxins in the Body

According to a research article written by Sabu and published in the Journal of Chinese medicine 2010, green tea has compounds known as catechins, which help in preventing toxicity. Detox teas have ingredients like green tea and other herbs rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants provide the body with the strength required to fight against toxins.

  1. Help Remove Toxins from the Digestive System

You’ve likely dealt with or know of friends and family who deal with digestion related complications such as constipation, gas and bloating. All these issues are a sign of poor digestion, which reduces mineral absorption in the body. Most of us only think about the liver and kidney when we hear about detox, but the intestines are also part of the body’s main elimination pathway.

 When one has digestive issues, it becomes harder to process waste and impurities in the body. Moreover, all organs in the body work together. For example, the liver, gall bladder, and the pancreas work together with the large and small intestine during digestion. Drinking a detox tea for a colon cleanse will improve digestion by eliminating the toxic and waste materials naturally. There are some ingredients added to detox teas like peppermint, which help reduce the bloated feeling. Nevertheless, we need to understand that when it comes to detoxification, tea alone is not enough for the job.

  1. Promotes Liver Function

The liver is a vital part of the digestive system as it is responsible for filtering and flushing the toxins and impurities from the body.  The liver is also responsible for producing bile, which helps in fat digestions. These two activities make the liver vulnerable to contaminants and inflammation, which may affect how this organ functions. Cleansing the liver is crucial because this is how the body naturally purifies itself.

Promotes Liver Function

Detox teas contain compounds that strengthen the liver to eliminate pollutants and toxins in the body. Some of the active ingredients in these teas include rooibos, licorice, and ginger, which help the liver cells and how it functions. Drinking detox tea will keep your liver healthy as well as assist in liver functioning.

  1. Supports the Weight Loss Process

Taking detox tea is a great way for one to shed off that excess weight. Beyond the energy boost you can expect from most decent detox teas; they also have natural ingredients that can diminish the appetite for food while detoxifying your whole body. This happens because the tea stimulates the production of hormones responsible for burning fat and restraining the production of fat storage hormones in the body. Most detox teas are free from gluten, caffeine and dairy products (another big plus for vegans).

By combining detox tea, eating healthy and exercising, one can obtain their fitness goals by effectively burning fat in the body. Detox tea with Hydroxycitric acid helps in suppressing appetite, thus simplifying the weight loss process without experiencing any side effects.

  1. Boost Energy and Mental Alertness

Detoxing can lead to increased levels of well-being and focus. Most people report having better mental clarity after using detox teas for a while. With a thorough detox, one can support their organs with the aim of repairing any area damaged by toxins and impurities. Adding detox tea to your diet boost energy levels and cleanses the liver while reducing inflammation.

Boost Energy and Mental Alertness

After ingesting your favorite detox tea for an extended period of time, you will notice that the feeling of brain fog, fatigue and mood swing has reduced.

Final Thoughts

With all the above key benefits, it’s pretty easy to argue that detox tea should be a regular in your diet. It’s important to rejuvenate your organs ability to function. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to eat a balanced diet, get plenty of exercises, drink lots of water and get enough sleep. There’s no magic pill that will ever replace a healthy lifestyle, but a detox tea sure comes close and is a great supplement to help you along your journey!

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