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Top 6 Reasons Women Should Try Kickboxing

by Tatiana Plesco
Women Should Try Kickboxing

When you think of kickboxing, “ladylike” is most likely not the first word that comes to mind that would perfectly describe the sport. Nor should it be! The growing trend of ladies stepping into the ring all around the world is by no means an indicator that women are degrading the notion of being feminine. On the contrary, being a woman in the today’s world can encapsulate many different things, and strength is one of them.

With many misconceptions related to kickboxing, it’s important to share our knowledge and experience, so that more women can open up to the idea of introducing combat sports as a part of their healthy lifestyle. Here’s a list that merely scratches the surface of all the benefits this challenging sport can bring you!

  • A sculpted body

First of all, most of us could benefit from getting rid of a few pounds or extra fat, and a strenuous kickbox workout is a perfect way to push your body into the fat-burning mode. Since it combines difficult conditioning warmups, traditional boxing punches, and challenging karate kicks, this sport easily elevates your heart rate and body temperature, allowing your metabolism to burn more calories. Australian women, known for their love for fitness, have started using this sport as one of their favorite ways to stay in excellent shape.

  • A toned physique

In addition to helping you get rid of belly-jelly, kickboxing helps you build more muscle. Keep in mind that no woman has the testosterone levels that are needed for bulking up like men, so no reason to fear that two or three kickboxing sessions per week will make you look like a bodybuilder. In fact, your muscles will be lean, strong, and toned, giving you that beautiful, healthy look without excess muscle mass. If you are in the neighborhood, join this mom-friendly kickboxing event in New York and you might find yourself prolonging your training sessions!

  • A total body workout

A few sports make your entire body work equally hard during every training session. Fortunately, kickboxing is an all-in-one combo of hardcore cardio, resistance training, extensive stretching exercises, and mobility routines. With only a couple of hours a week, this sport will help you gain stronger legs and arms, improve balance, increase your endurance and better core engagement, negating the effect of all those hours of sitting down.

  • Self-defense

If there is a single reason why you should consider learning some basic kickboxing moves, it should be your ability to defend yourself. Even though there’s an undebatable benefit to your overall health and well-being, more and more women are turning to this sport for invaluable self-defense knowledge. You can even opt for individual classes with a professional kickboxing trainer in Adelaide who will make sure that your progress is monitored and that you’re learning the right moves, and who will make you feel secure and confident.

  • Stress relief

No matter what you do for a living, problems are an inevitable part of your everyday life, and while everyone has their own way to handle stress, physical activity is a proven method to defeat your demons and vent your negativity. A kickboxing workout will help your body release endorphins, also known as the happy hormones, and the strenuous physical activity will help you fall asleep much faster, giving you that much-needed rest.

  • Improved confidence

With a strong, lean body and a newly-learned skill comes greater confidence! Your improved posture and a toned physique will make any outfit look gorgeous on you, and you will proudly wear your strength as your greatest asset. The sheer awareness that you’re pushing your boundaries and overcoming your current limitations helps you build up your self-appreciation and allows you to nurture your determination to advance.

Strong really is the new sexy. And while many sports will offer a variety of benefits, few are as powerful and effective as kickboxing for your overall well-being, health, and self-esteem. It even offers the variety many women crave to stay motivated, as the exercises differ in level of difficulty, they constantly evolve, and your instructors are there to always teach you new, exciting moves.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your gym bag, grab a bottle of water, don’t forget a towel, and dive into the amazing world of combat that will help you become a better, stronger, and sexier version of yourself.

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