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Top Baby Sleep Mistakes That All New Parents Make

by Tatiana Plesco

Baby sleep might be one of the worst nightmares, especially for new parents. Learning how to take care of newborns is a full-time job, and there are a lot of things to consider if you want to have a sound sleep at night.

In fact, many new parents make basic mistakes regarding baby’s sleep. The consequence is that both parents and babies are not happy at night.

Let’s spend a few minutes on our article to know top common baby sleep mistakes that new parents make and more importantly, how to end them.

  • Top Baby Sleep Mistakes

There may be things that you never consider as harmful, but in fact, they can have negative effects on your baby’s sleep. Thus, prepare yourself and correct everything you think you’ve known.

  • Sleeping with Your Baby On the Couch

You might never do it before, but you can have seen this scene. Keeping a baby in her arms, the mother falls asleep on the couch.

This is common as some babies won’t sleep unless held. But it is very dangerous, especially when baby can be dropped or smothered any time.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (APP) even claimed that it is very risky, even more than co-sleeping.

  • Stay Up Late

One fact is that some parents may keep their baby awake late so as to have more time to play with him. This can be seen as a side effect of busyness in our modern society.

However, late bedtimes are never good and how many times were you told to go to sleep early when you were small? Our parents are right!

Late bedtimes are the main reason for tiredness and may make the baby refuse to sleep later. It is very dangerous because it might grow into a bad habit over time. Many risks will be posed to their health.

So, how can you fix it if you have already done? The best way is to come up with an appropriate bedtime. Always pay attention to the watch when you play with the baby so as not to forget his bedtime.

Besides, you need to be more sensitive to his signs of getting tired, like eye rubbing. Once you notice them, have him fall asleep naturally.

  • Rushing

In contrast, many new parents seem to rush their baby’s bedtime. They are always ready to make baby sleep immediately. It is a common mistake, but you can fix it over time.

The key is to set a routine for babies, and after the first six weeks, this is crucial to baby sleep.

Your routine might be different from ours, but you have to make sure that it is the same on a daily basis. This aims to build the feeling of security in your baby, which results in sleeping more easily.

A great recommendation is to have your bedtime ritual. It would be a sign for baby to know his bedtime, even when he is older. You can bath your baby or sing a song for your toddlers.

  • Distractions

What do you prepare for your baby’s room? You might put some cheerful night-light in the hope of making him sleep more easily at night.

However, in most cases, these decorations prove to be useless. In fact, opposite effects are even seen.

Quiet music is also a common mistake that new parents put inside the baby’s room. It will constantly keep the baby awake at night, and you will be exhausted to take care of him.

Thus, the ultimate suggestion is to keep his room as quiet and dark as possible. Anything that you think is entertaining should be removed so that your baby has the ideal sleep environment.

Pitch-black rooms are very suitable for baby sleep, so you do not need to put any screens inside it, such as tablets or Smartphone. They are even harmful when your baby has problems with regression.

  • Room-Sharing

According to the AAP, parents should share the room with the baby during one year, which is the best amount of time. However, it is not necessarily true in every circumstance.

This might be difficult for some because bassinet may take too much space. Also, your baby may outgrow it after just 4 or 5 months.

Besides, with the smell of parents around, some babies even find it hard to sleep soundly all through the night. They are likely to wake up. Thus, if your baby belongs to this group, do not hesitate to let him sleep on his own.

Despite the expert’s suggestions, you had better follow what is suitable for your case.

  • Rely On Baby Monitors

I must admit that baby monitor is one of the best technological innovations which help a lot in controlling baby sleep. It is useful to help you deal with your baby congestion at night, for example.

Nevertheless, it is also a common mistake that new parents will be heavily dependent on baby monitors.

Now, cardiorespiratory monitors are very common to check your baby’s oxygen saturation or heart rate. Modern as they seem, false alarms are not rare. In these cases, parents will be worried and exhausted through the night.

Therefore, pay attention to safe sleep by yourself and do not let baby monitors cheat you.


In general, baby sleep is important not only for baby himself but also for parents. New parents should know some guides to avoid being exhausted.

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Emma is the founder of ShrewdMommy, where she and associates blog about pregnancy advice, parenting insights, tips for mommy. Those experiences will somehow help you in your search for questions about pregnancy and baby tips.

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