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Top Beauty Trends To Look Out For In 2017

by Tatiana Plesco

If we had to define 2016 in one beauty trend, it would be contouring. Now that we’ve all mastered the art of sculpting our faces and gained an understanding of light to rival some of the classic artists of the renaissance, it’s time to look to the year ahead. What will we be wearing? What will we be putting on our faces? What hairstyles will we have? It’s time to do a little crystal ball-gazing to see what 2017 has in store for our beauty routines.

  • No Heat Hair Styling

Dyson switched things up with their incredible hairdryer that seems to bend the rules of physics and leave users with incredible hair. Building on this ultra-gentle hair styling trend, we’re also going to see a shift toward no-heat hairstyling. Quirky hair accessories like Curlformers allow wearers to create perfect curls without using any heat at all. It’s also time to embrace natural hair and work with what we’ve got – have you ever thought that your static hair problem might be caused by the shampoo you use?

  • More Elegant Dentistry

When cosmetic dentistry started to take off, you could spot someone who had recently had dental work done by their whiter-than-white, beauty pageant veneers. They were horsey at the best of times, and buck-toothed at the worst. Techniques are getting more advanced, including being able to replace lost teeth with dental implants. Expect your dentist to push you more towards natural-looking treatments, enhancing your natural teeth rather than covering them.

  • Chrome Nails

There is no way you have managed to miss this trend on Instagram and Pinterest. Sure, it takes about 14 layers of base coats, color, chrome dust and then a top coat to achieve this look. But seriously, shiny nails? Now you can have risen gold chrome nails to match your iPhone. As this trend becomes more popular, we can expect to see all of the big nail polish brands jumping aboard and introducing some easier to apply chrome shades.

  • Bright Lips and Eyes

The runways of New York were filled with rainbow-hued makeup, which is good news for the secret unicorns among you. Mermaid makeup and glitter roots are last year, this year we’re wearing brighter than bright eyeshadow and pairing it with bold and beautiful accessories in primary hues. Don’t be shy about using red eyeshadow; rather than make the wearer look like they spent the last half hour crying, it’s actually an incredibly chic and bold look.

Bright Lips and Eyes

  • Microblading

Tired of drawing your eyebrows on perfectly every morning? Next year is set to be the year micro blading reaches the mainstream. It’s been a cult beauty secret for makeup artists for years, and now the rest of us are going to be able to benefit from this revolutionary method of getting perfect brows. It’s a semi-permanent solution that is sort of like getting your eyebrows tattooed on, but way more natural looking.

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