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Top Natural Home Remedies To Lighten Dark Lips

by Tatiana Plesco

Dark lips can be a reason for shame to every individual, especially women who are fond of rosy lips. Numerous factors are directly or indirectly in control of having dark lips. Some women use non-branded lipstick and that too daily. This can give the wash to darkness over the lips.  People with smoking routines can also get their lips darker in look.

dark lips

  • Berries home remedy for lightening dark lips

Few berries like strawberry and raspberries have to property to lighten your lips. Get some raspberries, honey, and Aloe Vera mix it well. Use this blend and leave it on for ten minutes, rinse it off. Use some homemade lip balm to complete the cure.


  • Toothbrush remedy

Apply soft blisters toothbrush to massage your lips. This will help to take away any dead skin and make your lips fresh.


  • Almond oil

Mix in some lemon juice and almond oil, apply this mixture on your lips before you go to bed, leave it on for the whole night. This will help to lighten your dark lips and nourish your lips too.

  • Remove makeup

Remove makeup is necessary before going to bed. Not ever sleep with your lipstick or lip balm on, this may be one of the reasons for your dim lips. Apply a small cotton ball with a little olive oil or almond oil to take out your cosmetics.

  • Sugar scrub to lighten dark lips

You can make your home scrub by combining some sugar granules with cold cream or can apply olive oil. Lightly massage this to your lips and rinse off after some time.

Sugar scrub to lighten dark lips

  • Carrot or beetroot fluid

To get instant pink lips, use some carrot or beetroot juice on your lips before going to bed. Wash off in the morning; you can see a visible variation in the morning.

  • Lemons to lighten dark lips

As everybody knows, those lemons have the property to bleach your skin; this can help to lighten your dim lips too. Use some freshly squeezed lemon fluid on your lips and leave it overnight. Rains off in the morning continues to apply, for this will show good results.

Lemons to lighten dark lips

  • Oils to lighten dark lips

Some oils benefit from decreasing dark, patchy lips. Oils like tea tree oil, clove oil, mustard oil, and olive oil are best to lighten your lips. Of all the oils, olive oil is well thought-out the good and harmless one. Use any one of the oils mentioned above, which you like better on your lips and leave it on the whole night.

Updated: 3 June 2020

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