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Top Natural Remedies For Liver Diseases

by Tatiana Plesco

The liver is the main organ in the body which has to perform many functions like it produces the bile and cholesterol in the body by digesting the food and also gives all the essential nutrients and vigor for the body to perform its regular functions. It also helps to control the levels of fats, protein, and sugar in the bloodstream.

Here we are going to know all about the top natural home remedies for curing. Follow them on a regular basis for a healthier liver and thereby all other bodily functions.

  • Diet

Everyday intake of 1/2 cup of bitter gourd fluid or pieces will help to deal with this liver increase and also brings the blood sugar levels to get down. But make sure to have its fluid by mixing honey in it instead of any sugar or mock sweeteners.

Vitamin C is very useful as this will aid in stopping the liver cells harm which may occur from the inflammatory conditions of the liver. So comprise fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C. Also you can have fluids that are removed from citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and others and eat them on an empty digestive which helps to deal with fatty liver.

  • Barberry

Barberry herb will help in nourishing the liver and thus aids to perform the proper liver functions. You can take this aromatic plant in a supplement form as 400 mg every day. This herb if taken in overdosage then it problems some toxicity and also leads to miscarriage in pregnant females (avoid using this herb). So have them in proper dosage by referring your health care provider.


  • Licorice

It is an effective remedy for treating the nonalcoholic fatty liver issue. This is widely used in Ayurveda to treat the liver disorders. Here is the recipe on how to make licorice tea for curing liver ailments.


  1. -Licorice root powder two teaspoon
  2. -Boiling water one cup
  3. -Strainer or sieve


  1. -Use a cup and pour licorice root powder in it.
  2. -The second pour boiling water over this licorice powder.
  3. -Keep it too steep for few minutes by covering it.
  4. -Now strain this fluid into another cup with the help of strainer or sieve.
  5. -Have this licorice tea for once or two times a day to get help from the now – alcoholic fatty liver.
  6. -Continue consuming this tea every day until you healed completely from this fatty liver.

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