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Traveling for the First Time? 7 Safety Tips You Must Read

by Tatiana Plesco

Traveling for the first time is a very exhilarating and eye-opening experience. When you plan your trip, you probably feel a whole torrent of emotions when you think about it. You should make the most of your trip and have a blast every place you visit, but make sure that you take extra care of your safety.

Safety is one aspect of traveling that many people tend to overlook because of their excitement or nervousness. Keep in mind that many natives in other lands think of tourists and travelers as easy bait, especially if they are from more developed countries.

Don’t be too concerned, though. Remember that most people make it out of many countries safe and sound. Follow these simple tips and you will be sure to have a safe and exciting trip!

Keep Your Stuff Locked

Many years of traveling experience has made me realize the sheer importance of having locks for all your bags. It does not take a minute for someone to come and swipe your valuables out no matter where you are.

So firstly, make sure that your bags are never left unattended. Secondly, make sure that they are locked at all times.

If you have to invest separately in a couple of locks, do not hesitate to do so. Purchase a set of extra-secure locks for the most valuable things you own, like your passport, ID card, etc. Keep these things locked until you absolutely need them.

keep your stuff locked

Be Extra Careful on the Road

There is no point in traveling if you are cooped up in your hotel at all times. Some of the most exciting adventures you have been on the road.

So firstly, make sure that your bags and valuables are near you at all times when you are out of the confines of your hotel. You will never know how experienced the pickpockets that come your way are!

Secondly, try to blend in as much as possible if you are on foot. If you dress specifically as a tourist and look flustered all the time, you will stick out like a sore thumb! Thieves, pickpockets, scammers, they will all see you as easy targets and you might get into some major trouble. So try to look as if you belong in the place you’re at. Be confident and don’t be flustered around everyone you meet.

be extra careful on the road

Lastly, if you are traveling in a car or a bus, you will notice a lot of amazing scenery outside at all times. You would want to capture it too. Keep in mind to never get off of your vehicle in a quiet, unknown place, especially if you do not have an experienced person with you. A dash cam for vehicle safety just might be what you need to take pictures of the beautiful areas outside without leaving the confines of your vehicle.

Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers pretty much any sort of damages or accidents you could possibly come across during your travels. If you have travel insurance, you can travel with a lot more ease and much less vigilance since you will be sure that most of what you can face can be covered by the insurance company.

For example, some of the most valuable things we take on our travels are phones, laptops, and expensive cameras. And I know for a fact that I was one to always worry about these things when I was out on a tour.

 When I got travel insurance, I just made it a point to back up all my data regularly, and used everything I owned freely. The chances of mishaps happening are low but they are there and if we are assured that our valuables can be replaced, we can relax quite a bit.

Look upon Common Scams

There are some common scams that foreigners face in certain countries. Many people fall into these scams when they aren’t aware of what is happening.

The good news is that most people post about the scams they face online. You can find a number of blog posts, forums, chats, and whatnot on what kinds of problems people face when they are traveling to certain countries.

Make sure you do ample research on the place you are planning to visit. It also helps quite a bit to have a chat with people who have already been there. So make sure you have all the information necessary before boarding your flight.

Be Vigilant Around Strangers

You meet a lot of amazing people in your travels, but there is an equal number of shady people as well. Try your best to not share any personal information with natives of that area, especially if you have just met them. If there are certain people that make you uncomfortable, you might even get away with lies. Make sure you know who to go to if you start facing suspicious behavior from people because that could ruin your entire trip.

be vigilant around tranger

Have a Secret Cash Stash

It is very important to have a secret, emergency stash of money hidden somewhere. Make sure you do not use this money unless you absolutely need to.

You might be thinking that you have credit cards and all for when you run out of cash or you might be depending on credit cards entirely. Keep in mind that cash money is the only kind of money that works in every situation. And if you are stuck in an emergency, the one thing that will help you out is money. So make sure that you have a stash in a place separate from your usual money at all costs.

Keep Updating your Social Media

Before you leave, tell your friends and family that you will keep them updated on social media at all times. If you haven’t posted in a while, your close friends will definitely get concerned and will try to get in touch with you. So do not completely isolate yourself, make sure people are aware of where you are at.

Author Bio:

Robert is a student of business administration. He has a great passion for cars and devices that improve the driving experience. He loves photography as well and has his own little studio in California. He ritually posts at dashcamsafety.com.

Updated: 22 April 2019

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