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Treat Skin Tags Under Breasts

by Tatiana Plesco
Treat Skin Tags Under Breasts

The reason most people dread skin tags is the tricky locations on the body. These growths are likely to appear. Skin tags or acrochordons are tubular growths of skin tissue that occur in places where skin comes in contact with the skin, such as on the neck, near eyelids, under armpits, groin, or under the breast. Women have to face a lot of trouble if these fleshy growths appear under the breast. Since women wear unique inner clothing, having skin tags under the breasts are likely to be injured or twisted if they get caught up in clothes. Be a highly sensitive region; skin tags under the breasts need to be dealt with utmost care. It is generally preferred to get skin tags under the breasts removed because of the inconvenience they cause to women.

Seeking the help of natural and minimally invasive skin tag removal methods is considered safe by most people. These methods save them from the pain and bleeding that accompanies if skin tags removed surgically. While trying any natural methods for removing skin tags under the breast, one must keep track of the status of the treated skin tag so measures can take time, in case the card becomes irritated or inflamed. It also suggests getting the tab examined by a doctor to be sure that the growth is a skin tag before trying any home treatment options. Here are some ways to remove skin tags under the breasts at home.

Australian Tea Tree Oil

Australian tea tree oil is full of anti-viral, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties, which make it an excellent option to remove skin tags. Dabbing this oil on the skin tag under the breasts can help it shrink and dry out in some days. What makes this remedy suitable for under the breast tags is that tea tree oil can be used safely on the skin, and even if it comes in contact with the surrounding skin, it doesn’t irritate the skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is another natural cure for skin tags, which you can use safely under the breasts without having to worry about any adverse reactions in case the vinegar comes in contact with the skin around the card. Dab apple cider vinegar over the skin tag twice a day to shrink it. Continue applying the vinegar on the map to dry it thoroughly, after which it will fall.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin Tags

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice has certain qualities that make it an effective remedy for removing skin tags. Dabbing in freshly extracted pineapple juice twice a day every day can get rid of the cards in as little as a week. This juice is beneficial in removing skin tags around the tender skin under the breasts.

Hydrogen Peroxide

You can safely use hydrogen peroxide to remove skin tags under the breast. It recommends employing food grade hydrogen peroxide of 35% strength for removing skin tags. Dab the targeted skin tag four to five times a day with a cotton pad soaked in hydrogen peroxide. The card will start to shrink within a few days of regular application of hydrogen peroxide and will fall in one or two weeks of the treatment.

Oregano Oil

Oregano oil contains profound antiseptic qualities and is an ancient remedy to remove skin tags. This oil has healing qualities, and using it neat on the skin can burn the skin. Whenever you use oregano oil for removing skin tags, dilute it with coconut oil or any other carrier oil. This oil has an anti-spasmodic effect, which helps in numbing the tissues in skin tags. Dab diluted oregano oil directly to the skin tag twice or thrice a day for ten days first. Then wait for ten days before reapplying the oil and repeat the procedure for ten more days if the tag is still not entirely dried until it dries and falls.

Oregano Oil for Skin TagsOnion Juice

of salt. Let the mixture stay for a couple of hours and strain it. Apply the juice straight to the tag at night time. Do this procedure for ten to fifteen days to see it shrink and die.

Updated on 11-08-2020

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