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Trends in Cosmetics: Which Facial Products Are Seeing an Increase in Popularity?

by Tatiana Plesco
trends in cosmetics

Are you looking to put your best face forward? If you are, then you’ll have to keep up with the latest developments in facial skincare. They include a host of gadgets, an environmentally friendly approach, and tending to your beauty needs while you sleep.

We’ll delve into all of these as we reveal which facial products are currently enjoying an upsurge in popularity.

Eco-Friendly Brands

The going green trend has long become infused in all areas of our lives and our beauty products are no exception. The evidence is seen in consumers forgoing products in plastic packaging in favor of those who use plant-based materials.

They are also on the lookout for sustainably harvested ingredients as opposed to those which deplete natural resources or whose processing damages the environment. Products with raw materials which are organically grown and are certified as such are also quite popular.

Acne Fighters

Even the most exquisite makeup can cause blocked pores, leading to acne’s unsightly breakouts and residual scars. It’s not just having the makeup on your face which can bring on or exacerbate acne – makeup removal with skin-drying products also contributes to the problem.

makeup removal

For these reasons, facial skincare products which fight acne and reduce the appearance of blemishes and scars have become quite popular. When more dramatic results are required, however, many persons begin seeking advice on professional facial procedures, such as those provided by Carolina Facial Plastics.


We have wholeheartedly embraced technology in our lives including our skincare routine. From complex microdermabrasion machines to simple jade facial rollers, the gadgets trend has taken hold with no sign of letting up anytime soon.

Handheld LED light therapy devices are fast becoming the new kids on the block for convenient, at-home skincare. They work on the principle of different colored lights (with their different wavelengths) penetrating the skin too, among other things, kill bacteria and promote cell regeneration.

A Holistic Approach

“Beauty is skin deep” and “beauty comes from within” are two age-old contradictory statements. Together, however, they form the basis of one of the latest trends in skin health – skincare on the outside complimented by skincare from within.

Serums and other facial products with antioxidant-rich fruit enzymes, for example, nourish skin while slowing the aging process. Many women (and men) now back up the benefits of these products by using them in tandem with supplements of prebiotics and probiotics to maintain gut health and, by extension, promote skin health.

Sleeping Beauty

One of the many benefits of sleep is that it fosters cell repair which reduces the signs of aging. Sleep also helps maintain the skin’s water balance which counters the appearance of under-eye circles and bags.

sleeping beauty

Giving sleep a helping hand in getting its good work done has become increasingly popular. This includes the use of night creams and serums; overnight facial masks; and switching to silk pillowcases and eye masks.

No doubt, our look at the most popular facial skincare products today have touched on something you already use or have been eager to try. They certainly give you plenty to choose from so you can continue looking your very best, always!

Updated on 10-08-2020

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