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Tricks For Staying In The Zone With Your New Years Workout

by Tatiana Plesco

If you’re planning to get fit as your new year’s resolution, you’ll be joining the millions of others who are also making the same promises. However, all too often, mid-way through January many of them will have gone back to their old way of life. If you’re determined to stick to your workout plans and really work towards achieving your fitness goals in the year to come, you could benefit from some tricks to help you stay in the zone!

The key to success is to turn your resolution into a lifestyle habit. Once you’ve ingrained your workout routine into the fabric of your daily life, you won’t have any trouble in including it for the rest of your days!

So, without further ado, here are some helpful tips and tricks to make sure you stay on the fitness wagon this new year.

Stay Specific

One way to make sure you stay committed is to know exactly what you’re committed to. The key is to avoid being vague. If you’re planning to lose some weight, write down the number of pounds you need to lose. If you’re planning to get more active, write down how many steps you’re going to take during a single day. If you want to become more flexible, write down exactly what you want to get out of your yoga regime. By being specific, you can set clear targets that you can work towards and so, stay on target.

Stay Specific

Stay Positive

You might be optimistic about your workout regime, but that isn’t the same thing as being positive. It’s much simpler to ditch bad habits if you replace them with better ones. So instead of making your target a negative one turn it into a positive statement instead. For example, if you want to stop sitting in front of the TV when you get home and go out for a run instead, don’t say your resolution is to “stop vegging out in front of the television after work” and instead say you’re resolving to “go for a 1 mile run every night”.

Make Yourself Accountable

You’re unlikely to stick to your regime if you’ve got no one to account to. There’s no punishment for missing your exercise class, but if you tell your family and friends about what you’re planning to do, or even better, join a club or attend the gym with a friend, you’ve got accountability for either your failure or your success. You should also never be afraid to ask others to help you out. If you need some support to keep your resolution going, ask your loved ones – that’s what they’re there for!

Stay Flexible

Not all resolutions are going to work out in their original state. Perhaps you planned to run a marathon within the first year but then realize that you’re struggling to cover three miles. It’s time to be flexible. Allow yourself a little leeway and permit yourself to adjust your targets over time. It’s ok to change your rules as long as you’re still working towards your long-term goal.

stay flexible

Keep Visualizing The Results

It can be easy to give up at the first hurdle, but you need to focus on the end result. Think about your final goal – how good will you feel when you’re fit and toned and have reached the target you’ve set for yourself?

Choose Goals Which Are Meaningful To You

Lots of us choose a goal which is in line with others’ expectations and not really in line with what we want ourselves. Those resolutions are doomed to failure. If your partner wants you to get fit enough to enter competitions with them but you just want to shed a few pounds you’re never going to push yourself hard enough. Make sure that your resolutions are driven only by your desire to please yourself.

Add-In Fun Elements

If your workout is fun, you’re more likely to stick to it. Try a fun activity that you’ve never tried before or added other elements into your regime to make them different and new. Try taking a new route for your nightly run or try listening to new tunes while you run on the treadmill – it will work wonders for your fitness routine.

workout is fun

With these top tips in mind, you’ve got the best chance of sticking to your resolutions this new year. Good luck!

Updated: 26 March 2019

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