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Turn Your New Era Fitted Caps Into New Era Snapbacks!

by Tatiana Plesco
New Era Snapbacks

There is hardly any hat lover who is not familiar with snapbacks. These caps had stormed into the headwear industry back in the 80s and became very popular. It’s those snap-together tabs that made snapbacks standout from the rest of the headgears. These tabs are located at the back of the caps and they are usually made of plastic. These tabs help adjust the cap with the varied head sizes and shapes of the wearers. If you have a new era fitted cap and having problems with fittings read on before discarding it because here I will show you the way how you can turn your new era fitted caps into new era snapbacks.

The process is very simple as all you need to do is to find a snapback cap that is no longer in use and cut the snapback tabs out of it. While cutting, you need to ensure that you are leaving around 1-inch material attached to both tabs. You need to chalk out a pattern using a pencil on the back side of the cap for snapback opening. You can use any new era snapbacks to get the idea for snapback opening. For the center of the opening, you can make use of the vertical seam at the back of the cap. Once you sketched out the opening you have to cut one of its halves right along the pencil lines. To ensure the symmetrical appearance of the opening you need to use the material from the half you just have cut to align with the drawing of the remaining half.

Then you have to cut out the remaining part of the opening in the similar manners and be ready for the final task; the sewing! You now have to sew a piece of fabric along the bottom edge of the inside of the brim. The edges of the made opening should be even with the ends of the fabric and you might have to cut the fabric to ensure that. Finally, you have to put those snapback tabs right between the fitted cap and the fabric strip and sew the tabs in. You need to sew one tab on both sides of the opening to complete the task of turning your new era fitted caps into new era snapbacks. You just have to cautious with the selection color of the snapback tabs and threads you use as they should match the tone of your fitted cap.

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Above discussed points claim a style statement of hats and caps. Those people who really want to enhance their life like stars they can use these tips to upgrade their cap selection skills.

  • Summary:

You don’t have to live with the limitations that fitted caps come up with as you can simply turn them into new era snapbacks. Here is a detailed know-how that would guide in every step.

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