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Useful Products That You Shouldn’t Overeat

by Tatiana Plesco

Everyone knows that you can’t expect anything good from eating an entire box of chocolates. But scientists believe that even with some healthy foods are better to know the measure.

  • Oranges and tomatoes

Be careful if you decide to eat these tasty but strong products. Increased consumption of acid due to excessive consumption of oranges or tomatoes can lead to reflux. Over time, this can lead to the development of Barrett’s esophagus – a disorder in which the on the esophagus appear on the shell precancerous lesions. Limit the intake to 2 oranges or 2 tomatoes or completely abandon these products, if you have already had symptoms of reflux.


  • Canned tuna

This product requires a minimum of effort to get into your salad or sandwich, and the low number of calories in tuna makes it a dietary product. But those canned things contain more mercury than any other fish. Excess mercury can lead to problems with vision, hearing, and speech, difficulty in coordination and muscle weakness. Therefore, set the bar for this product – no more than 3-5 cans of canned tuna per week, or give your preference to the less dangerous salmon and shrimps.

  • Water

Although a sufficient amount of water in the body is the key to good health, its excessive use can lead to the so-called water intoxication. This occurs when excess fluid flushes out the body’s salt, which may damage the brain and even lead to death. How much water should you drink to poison yourself? In the risk, the group are the marathon runners and people, that force themselves to drink plenty of water. A simple check: if your urine is always transparent color – it’s time to tie the water.


  • Soybean

Attention, fans of tofu! Although soy helps control blood cholesterol and blood pressure, it can interfere with the absorption of iron, which in turn may result in iron deficiency anemia. Also, because soy contains substances similar to estrogen, prolonged use of soybeans in large quantities can cause endometrial hyperplasia, accelerated growths uterine mucosa, which can result in the development of cervical cancer. So it is better to stop after the second portion.

  • Spinach

This versatile and tasty leaf vegetable is full of useful substances: protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Spinach also has lots of lutein – a carotenoid which is capable of preventing age-related macular degeneration. (Common cause of visual impairment and blindness). But in this ointment is the fly in the ointment: spinach contains a lot of oxalic acids, which can promote the formation of kidney stones, so patients with kidney disease caused by an excess of oxalic acid, it is necessary to reduce the use of this product.


  • Brazil nuts

This crunchy nut is a great source of blocks, fiber, essential fatty acids, and selenium. Moreover, the use of these nuts reduces cholesterol and blood pressure. But excessive consumption of selenium has poisoning danger, leading to hair loss, brittle nails, dermatitis, neurological disorders, and in some extreme cases – death. It is not recommended to eat more of these 10 nuts a day.

  • Low-fat animal protein

If you put your dietary preferences lean meats (eg, chicken breast) to make up for the daily level of protein, you should reconsider your diet. Excessive consumption of animal protein may be a danger in consequence of the fact that your body will start to produce more of the hormone insulin and this is like growth factor 1, which accelerates aging and increases the risk of cancer (especially breast cancer). What to do? Try to “get” most of the proteins from plant foods – beans, seeds, and grains.

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