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Vegan and Vegetarian Diet Kills Over 500 Genes In Our Body In Only Two Weeks

by Tatiana Plesco
Vegetarian Diet

There are many reasons why people choose not to eat meat or other animal products.

But there are two main reasons people become vegetarians. Some do it simply out of love for animals while others do it out of love for themselves. Both variants are good and easy to understand, but true vegans or those vegetarian, for who is a styled life, understand that there is a need for both reasons.
Personally, I think both are the main pillars of vegetarianism. Why? Because if one happens to falter a bit, you’ll have a second pillar of support. 
I believe that every person has a soul or power to understand that animals feel pain the same as we people.
I don’t think there’s any doubt that the slaughter of those animals and torture are bred for consumption is a big stain on the soul of the people. But many still wonder and there are still many discussions on the basis of whether vegetarian eating is healthy enough or is more healthy than the omnivore, not to say carnivora.
vegetarian eating
Although last years came to light, these are long ago known truths, but simply ignored or hidden.
Yes, a vegetarian diet is much healthier than the one omnivore, I referenced to the first illness that inspires the greatest panic among people when it comes to their health and life, cancer.
The analysis done of all the best studies till 2012 showed that vegetarians have significantly lower incidences of cancer than the people that eat meat.
Thus the largest study done noted the link between diet and cancer has concluded “the incidence of all cancers combined is lower in vegetarians” that seems to be good news, right? Want even more good news? If vegetarians fare much better than the omnivores, how about vegans? Is it possible that vegans do even better? It is not a thing that has been confirmed scientifically very clear until recently.
But a new study done at Loma Linda University and funded by the National Cancer Institute from the United States concluded that vegans have lower incidences of cancer than omnivores and vegetarians. Vegan women, for example, are with 34% less likely to get cancer specific breast cancer, cervical or ovarian. While this percentage was obtained in comparison with a group of omnivores which fed healthier, eating meat only twice a week and not smoked or consumed alcohol and that they had a history of cancer in their family.

Why do vegans have a cancer risk so low?

It’s a question right there? Although I am sure that the answer involves many more factors, i.e. factors should be noted as a fascinating thing. Have been made in this regard a series of experiments on people who were put on different diets.
Their blood was then collected and dripping on human cells grown in a petri dish of cancer, to see that diet can better resist cancer. The blood of women who consumed a diet of plants for two weeks only managed to suppress the growth of three different types of cancer.
cancer risk
Two weeks! Consider what it would mean a year or ten years? Similar results were recorded and for men with very good results in the case of prostate cancer.
What wonderful thing, how a simple change in our diet can make blood so devoid of hospitality for cancer only a few days.
The dramatic change of blood seems to be linked with hormone IGF-1. This hormone is well known for the fact that encourages growth and developing cancer. Proteins of animal origin increase IGF-1 levels in our body but once you change your diet towards one based on plants, in just two weeks the levels decrease significantly so that it slows the growth and proliferation of cancerous cells.  And then, of course, the question arises: how many plants need to eat?
Studies that have compared the levels of IGF-1 in vegetarians vs. omnivorous suggests that ought gradually to eliminate products of animal origin total from our diet. This is supported and the latest study was done that found that Americans not only vegans have a much lower incidence of obesity, but also diabetes, hypertension, and especially the study of cancer.
This is becoming more and more obvious logic, especially considering the research work of Marat people like Dr. Colin Campbel Caldwell, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Dean Ornish or Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn.
They have discovered that there is a close connection between the trigger and the proliferation of cancer and animal protein.  Besides that, they have discovered that a vegan diet change has more than 500 genes in only three months in the human body. Vegan diet starts such genes that prevent diseases such as breast cancer, heart disease, prostate cancer, and others.
These are great news considering that most people consider themselves to be victims of genes and thus unable to resist certain cruel disease.  We are not helpless at all, in fact, the power resides largely in our hands. In fact, lies right in our plates.
There is a saying that says “every time you pick up the knife and fork in hand to decide who lives and who dies” and that it does not refer only to men.
Updated: 11 April 2019

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