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Vitamin D In Pregnancy May Help Prevent Child Obesity

by Tatiana Plesco

A recent research of vitamin D levels in pregnant females has revealed a remarkable finding. Kids born to women with a reduce vitamin D level during pregnancy have increased body fat later in infantile compared to those kids whose mothers have a higher vitamin D level.

A parental vitamin D level less than 50 nmol/L was related with increased fat mass in kids at 4 and 6 years of age. Kids in the study had an 8 percent decrease in fat mass if their moms had a vitamin D level of 50-75 nmol/L. The mom’s own levels of fat (physique mass index) did not have any effect on the research results. The writers suggest that vitamin D insufficiency for the period of pregnancy may program the kid to gain excess fat later in life. Other researchers have also confirmed an association between vitamin D intake and fat mass ingrown person.

This research adds to the growing physique of evidence that has found higher levels of fitness in children born to moms with adequate vitamin D stores during the perinatal period. A higher vitamin D level for the period of pregnancy is associated with less respiratory issues in babies, and a higher cord blood vitamin D level also relates to fewer allergies and breathing infections.

Pregnant females should have their vitamin D levels checked again and again during the perinatal period and take a vitamin D supplement to keep blood levels between 75 and 100 nmol/L.

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