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Water – The Most Important Element For The Body

by Tatiana Plesco

Everyone has water in the body, such as the brain consist of 90% water and the skin of 65% water. Water is extremely important due to sweating alone; the body can lose a lot of water and not be so powerful. Interesting is probably also the realization that people need to drink more and more with age. Especially for people over 40 years, it can lead to major health risks if they drink too little.

The blood is thicker if you do not drink enough. Thus, unfortunately, may be less oxygen to be transported. This again has the consequence that one feels tired and tired, the concentration decreases. It can even lead to cardiovascular disorders, migraines, and headaches.

But that was not all because of water shortages allergies are promoted because of the histamine level increases. The immune power suffers from lack of water because the fewer toxins are flushed out of the body and the immune system does not work properly. This again can cause respiratory problems and skin disorders.

  • The work of the intervertebral discs

The intervertebral discs help that the upper body weight is supported. Alone in the nucleus pulpous is water, which is stored there. If you move, this water is pressed out of the windows and new needs to be transported back there.

Now you drink too little, this important water is not replaced in the whole extent. This can have the effect that the discs dry out and worse, even shrink. Thus they lose their most important function. For this reason alone you should drink plenty of water.

  • Drinking water – the natural health cure

There are umpteen diets, a person can perform. But then you do not necessarily. For once, you should avoid alcohol and coffee and stimulate fat burning with cold water. Cold water ensures that the body works to bring this water to body temperature.

Drinking water

The metabolic rate and fat burning can be increased through this process. Therefore, one should remember well who is drinking plenty of water also better remove it. Coffee, however, retains water in the body and so you will increase more quickly because of the organism stores all calories as fat. This can change so quickly when you just start to drink plenty of water.

Many people complain about a sallow skin and wrinkles. But these people also drink enough? Because the skin is composed of 65% water, it is necessary to perform this again and again. Otherwise, namely, decreases the elasticity of the skin, it leads to wrinkles. If you want to avoid this, you should not rely first on to wrinkle cream, but only drink once reasonable.

  • How much water should you drink a day?

A doctor will always advise their patients to drink between 2-3 liters of water. Thus, this patient has definitely no health problems due to lack of water. If you manage this amount, it’s been really good. One must also bear in mind the seasons because especially in the summer you sweat a lot and also needs more liquid.

It may also be 4 liters of water a day this time of year. It must not only be pure water, you can also drink fresh juice or tea if you want a little variety.

So you have been drinking at noon 1 liter of water, which is also recommended, since you no drinking at night. You can also delightfully recognize his own urine if you drink enough. The brighter the urine, the better it is for the body. Some people have really orange urine, which is not healthy. Other people, who drink a lot, have a urine that is not colored. Absolutely perfect!

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