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Water, The Mystery Of All Times

by Tatiana Plesco
Water, the mystery of all times
Water, such a trivial word and such a regular thing for many of us, the water, it still remains a mystery. And despite the many studies and researchers that have been done in recent years, we have not yet managed to understand what water really is. No one has been able to understand why their water density increases at low temperatures, in comparison with the rest of the liquids that don’t behave this way and shrinks when it’s cold.
Why is water the only substance on earth that exists in 3 states?
Why it has the highest surface tension?
Why is the most potent solvent on Earth?
As against the law of gravity, water can climb through the trunk of trees very high.
Water reaches 400 atmospheres in a week at the time of germination, which is why a plant may grow through the asphalt with no problems.

Every seed, every embryo begins its life in the water.  

The brain is 85% water. The man according to his age is between 65%-90% water. Our planet contains 80% water.
  water for plants
Recent studies took us to a conclusion. A substance that gives life to plants, animals, and human life must have life itself. Life on Earth is dependent on water. So we could say without a doubt, water = LIFE, or more simply, water has a life. But not only it has life, it was also discovered that the water has memory. Water records everything that happens in space through which it travels, and according to all these accumulations, water changes its structure.
Longtime researchers have not broken the “code” of the water because they were busy observing its chemical composition. The composition is not as important as the structure. In terms of the composition of the water is all over and everywhere the same, in terms of the structure of water everywhere is different.
Scientists theorize that the structure of water inside our body is identical to that of the area in which we were born. This makes the expression “motherland” not to have only a poetic meaning and explain why so many of us longing for the country and the joy of returning “home” are feelings often indescribable or misunderstood.  In any place of the world, the water is not the same.
 The water passes through the soil, thus absorbing information about biological and energy characteristics specific to each place, new information on our turn, residents of certain “lands” we have imbued in our DNA.

Water has feelings

In 1995, Dr. Masaru Emoto was the first who managed to observe the response of the water to music. In his laboratory, the water was subjected to several genres of music, and after each session of auditions, the water was transformed into ice, which enabled the observation under the microscope of crystals formed from water in the process. Music such as that of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven formed beautiful crystals, harmonious. Music such as heavy metal formed crystals ugly, undefined.

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