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Waxing – Always In Trend

by Tatiana Plesco

Waxing – Wax always will always be on trend, although lately there are a lot of alternatives such as sugar paste hair removal or pulsed light (IPL). So we propose to further debate the pros and cons concerning wax hair removal and find out what are the differences between cold wax and hot wax.

  • Waxing – when it has first appeared?

Women in Egypt are the first who used a method of hair removal like waxing, only instead of using wax they used a sugar paste. With the help sugar paste and a piece of canvas, they removed their unwanted body hair.

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Hair Removal in Europe began in the 40s, once the swimwear appeared on the market. Waxing has become popular in the 60s when women used it to remove the hair of armpits and legs.

  • Waxing – advantages

Waxing has many advantages, it has a reason why it is so popular: hair starts to grow only after 2-3 weeks, so skin remains smooth for a longer time, also it weakens the hair and then the hair doesn’t grow as thick, but this process takes time, so it takes many years to observe its effectiveness for any type of hair no matter how thick or thin the hair is. Waxing doesn’t only remove the hair but also exfoliates the skin, making it softer, and this is useful for any part of the body

  •  Waxing – disadvantages

There are disadvantages of hair removal wax, which is good to take into consideration when choosing this method: First, it is painful, especially if you use it in sensitive areas, this procedure irritates the skin and causes the appearance of red spots.

If you want to wear a short dress, you should you shave the day before because the in the case of waxing the hair must be long enough to complete the procedure, it has to get close to 1 cm because otherwise the hair follicle cannot be removed with wax. Also after completing this procedure, there is a risk of the hair follicle to grow under the skin, so you must be careful to properly hydrate the epilated zone and do not wear very tight clothes. In individuals with sensitive skin, depilation with wax may cause breakage of the small blood vessels during the process of plucking of hair.

  • Cold vs. hot waxing

Cold wax is usually already applied to depilatory strips. Therefore it is more practical and leaves less “mess” behind. On the other hand, the cold wax is not as effective as the warm and usually, you need to apply it several times in the same area to remove all hairs. Hot wax is still more difficult to apply and it has to be heated to the right temperature because otherwise you risk burning your skin.

Therefore, if you want to depilate with hot wax is better to go to a specialized salon, for home we recommend you choose cold waxing.

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