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Ways To Make Memorable Exit After Wedding

by Tatiana Plesco

Ways To Make Memorable Exit After Wedding, Just like the entry, you must try to make a memorable exit after your wedding. After the vows and the kiss, it is time to make an exit with your partner. You can do it in style too with a little help from your guests. Here are some ways to make that moment memorable.

  • Steamers:


Your guests must be fully enthusiastic in a celebratory mood. They can provide colorful streamers as you are making an exit from the ceremony. Your wedding pictures will surely become colorful with the vibrant colors of those steamers.

  • Flower Petals:

Flower Petals

Flowers and blooms can really play a great role during your exit after the wedding. A petal-toss by the guests can make your post-nuptial moment very special. It is a cheerful way that kick-starts the celebration for the rest of the day.

  • Sparklers:


If you want the exit in a glam way, sparklers can be the best choice. The sparkler-studded celebration during exit will add a perfect whimsical sense within your formal celebration. You can include custom wrappers in some of the sparkler sticks and can add the names of the bride and the groom for adding the flavor of the wedding.

  • Pillar Candles:

When the ceremony is during the night, the guests can queue upholding romantic candles for lightening up your exit way.

  • Balloons:

Provide balloons to your guests if the ceremony is occurring during the summer or spring in the church. When you exit, they will surely uplift the moment by releasing all the balloons.

  • Musicians:


If you are in love with music, you can contact the artist/celebrity management agency to hire musicians. They can play your favorite tune when you take an exit.

  • Bubbles: 


Besides petals, a and balloons, you can also use bubbles. Though it requires a clean up after the ceremony is over, you can involve your guests in this fun-filled activity. Try not to get too sticky!

  • Autumn Leaves:

Autumn Leaves

If your wedding ceremony is during the autumn season, you can make the most of it from the autumn leaves. Your guests can release handful of autumn leaves as you leave. The changed colors of the leaves will really make a colorful exit.

  • Ribbon Wands:

Ribbon Wands

When you want to incorporate colors in your wedding, you may think of using the ribbon wands as you exit. Your guests may hold the wands in their hands and wave along as you leave the ceremony. If you want to add some personal touches, you can also include little bells with the ribbon.

  • Dried Herbs:

Dried Herbs

If you want that lovely smell of thyme, lavender, sage or eucalyptus, you can definitely use the idea of tossing the dried herbs by your guests while you exit.

So glam up your farewell beautifully after the ceremony is over. You can also use glittery confetti or sparkling sequins to add a spark. Try to check your venue ahead of time so that you can plan the exit items accordingly. You must use the weather, space, and the enthusiastic guests properly to bring about the results in a grand way!

Author Bio: 

Alexander Fernandes is a wedding planner who works at magnifique. In this article, he is giving some ideas for wonderful wedding exit after the ceremony for the bride and the groom.

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