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Ways To Go Local On Holidays

by Tatiana Plesco
Go Local On Holidays

Going on holiday and not sure how to eat in good physical shape?

I know it can be a bit daunting trying to search fresh whole organic nourishment while on vacation. But we predicted out how to do it. It’s quite simple, just go homegrown.

Yup, that’s what we did when we journey from Florida to Maryland and thanks to my best friend Rick over at Eat Locally Grown, we had organic all the method! Of course, I did pack some fundamentals that I knew we would essential but outside of that we did as the locals do, eat what’s available. First, stop Clark’s Farm in Maryland. Not only did they have wonderful GMO-free corn they also had pony rides and a stroking zoo! We stocked up on plant GMO-free goo, tomatoes, and zucchini. We even selected our own fresh plants for my famous homemade veggie spaghetti sauce!

Next break was the eastern shore where GMO corn and tomatoes have taken over! I was a wee bit anxious about trying to get organic products that have not been dirty by GMOs, but after talking to some of the local organic agriculturalists my worries were put to break.

We found 3 local farmers marketplaces, two fantastic health nourishment stores, one local organic farm, and a wonderful vegan restaurant!

One of my favorite hats was at Berlin Organics, an up and coming carbon-based farmhouse that is going big on the Eastern Shore. Paul was nice sufficient to show us his greenhouse and share some of their very delicious tomatoes! If you are ever in Berlin, MD, halt by and say hi!

Eating wholesome, organic nourishment while wandering is not as hard as one thinks, it just takings a bit of planning. And we found that most of the farmer’s marketplaces had great live music and quite a celebratory atmosphere so instead of it being an outing to obtain nourishment, it ended up being a great source of pleasure for the entire family! My daughter particularly loved it when we came across cowards and goats, which were more often than one, would think.

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