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What are the Spiritual Causes for Diseases- Head Region

by Tatiana Plesco
Head Region

The Nose

Nasal Inflammations

The nose is an organ through which we inhale and exhale air. A blocked nose collapses this exchange with the outside. When you have a cold, you want to redraw itself because you can no longer smell the stuff. There may be a conflict on which try to fix it, or it all may have only become too much for you.

Make sure you get the peace and rest you so long for. Plan to put distance between you and other people between you and your problems. Gather new strength. You will then be able to clarify the conflicts more easily.

Sinus problems

These symptoms indicate that it will irritate someone’s nose. Notice how you react and accept it. Make sure you rest, and you will find-will power and independence. If you succeed, no one will be able to piss you off from now on.

Nasal Inflammations


Ear pain, otitis

As in all inflammatory processes, it is frustration caused by a conflict that has not eradicated. What do you want to hear? In what area of your life will lack humility?

The trauma of this sort frequently occurs in childhood. Become aware of the fact that the unconscious, attract situations and people from abroad who teach us precisely those things we refuse them we learn ourselves. Listen and teach; everything has something to tell us. Listen also the inner voice and follow her advice. In this way, there will be no need to get sick.

Ear pain

The weak hearing

These symptoms usually occur at an advanced age. The affected persons themselves shall insulates more than before and are becoming increasingly rigid and inflexible and have less desire to listen. As with all occur, most often, the people of your age, this is not an absolute rule. The disease, the third age, reveals the truth.

Such problems have not solved along with life, and now they resurface or reappear. Try to keep an open mind and receptive as you age and teach from everything that happens to you. Listen up, too, and be conscientious inner voice open to what’s coming.

Total deafness

Only people who have ignored the entire inner voice for a long time become deaf.

An extreme form of symptoms described earlier, a kind of heart-head and isolation. Being deaf, you forced to listen to what was going on inside. Teach this and listen to the signals from the inside, and the flow of vital.

 Open the inner voice entirely, and it will listen to your commands.

The Mouth

Bad Breath

What you exhale corresponds with your inner state.

If your breath smells bad is because thoughts are too unpleasant.

You are unhappy with the truth concerning. Look thoroughly at the facts you are particularly concerned about and realize once that love, friendship, and honesty prevail inside, and your breath will become fresh.

Bad Breath

Look thoroughly at the facts you are particularly concerned about and realize once that love, friendship, and honesty prevail inside, and your breath will become fresh

General problems of the mouth.

Problems relating to the mouth indicate an absolute inability to accept new impressions or ideas. As a result, you are overwhelmed by the rigid opinions and become stiff.

Teach to be receptive to new ideas and concepts and be prepared to accept the original. Become more flexible and more open your mouth

Nasal polyps

These problems are usually a sign of the difficulties in the tense atmosphere, a family home, where the children are unhappy and feel depressed 

Give children a better understanding of the fact that they are, in spite of the difficulties of any kind. Every human being is an expression of the divine power of creation and has the right to be here in terms of what she or he has learned. Accept-will both yourself and the children as they are and give yourself one another’s love and affection.

Teeth and gums

Teeth problems in general, including damage to the teeth. The condition of your teeth looks to what extent are you able to stand out, to have a fight, to find away. A damaged tooth indicates that you have difficulty expressing yourself (by analogy with the felines) to enter your inner self. On the other hand, I do not want to recognize this, or you are unable to do so. You often have difficulties in taking decisions and in the sublime natural aggressiveness losing love and recognition. Be yourself, observe what the world awaits from you.

Accept yourself-and the trends toward aggression and let them take place within you without you condemn. In this way, you can turn it into a positive and constructive force that will help you achieve your goals with ease.

Teeth and gums

Teeth grinding at night is an indication of an unfreed aggressiveness that shall be forfeited

Teeth grinding at night.

Teeth grinding at night is an indication of an unfreed aggressiveness that shall be forfeited. The desire to have poignant actions during the day is not permissible, where this excess of grinding occurs during the night. It is time to become aware of your anger, nervousness, and helplessness. Be aware until you fall asleep.

 Tartar (Odontolithiasis)

This dissatisfaction is a manifestation of aggression that was not removed and turned into stone. This means that if you solve problems with more sportsmanship, there will be no need for the effects to manifest itself through your teeth.

Fake teeth

Fake Teeth creates an impression of vitality and emphasis that, in reality, it does not exist. If you have artificial teeth, look to see if you got more than you can chew, or you live too much in line with what other people expect from you. Ask what you won’t have the courage to leave aside the desires of others.

 General gum problems

As the gums are the basis of teeth, so trust in life itself is the basis for being able to stand out. Issues related to the gums indicate an inability in this area, probably due to fear of losing love. You are becoming vulnerable, and you dare to break the ice.

As long as you love, and you will accept it as such, you will not be addicted to the love and recognition of others, and you will be able to realize their desires. You will become genuine to offer others the love that you have discovered in yourself.

Updated on12/17/2019

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