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What Does Your Natural Smell Say About Your Health Overall

by Tatiana Plesco
Natural Smell
How people smell? Any person who lives in a country as developed would respond to the smell of perfume, SOAP or another type of product designed specifically to cover the natural smell people have. Modern man has the repulsion at the thought that he can “sniff”. Take advantage of this wide industry year by year. But these cosmetics and body care do nothing but cover the scent you spread naturally. None of them is aimed at an eventual problem, nor resolve.

Why do we smell? 

We smell due to bacteria. Perspiration produced by the apocrine glands in the armpits, genital area and other areas of the body is mostly odorless until it is decomposed by bacteria and transformed into tioalcooli. These tioalcooli are composed on the basis of sulphur, which explains why some people smelling of garlic or onions. Scientists have identified the bacteria that break down most of Staphylococcus hominis, tioalcoolilor, but I’m not sure about the role the rest of the bacteria on the skin.
The smells are useful in ways which we are not aware of and that you do not fully know. Odors help us recognize family, to find a life partner and identify a stress factor or a potential danger. In the face of stress, the signals change the way you react to Visual signals.
Why do we smell
Sensitivity to facial expressions, for example, grows when the nose feels stress signals. Near stress, signals increase defense reflexes of the body and make us to avoid or to stay away from stressful instinctively smell. In women, the smell can influence and monthly cycle. Women who feel the olfactory signals from other women during ovulation are inclined to have a menstrual period longer.

The smell and  our health

Sick people smell different. Dogs can feel this. An organization called “medical detection Dogs from the UK” and their dogs smell to detect the earliest signs of breast cancer and prostate. Dogs can smell when the blood glucose changes. Even if people can’t distinguish the smell of disease, they can definitely smell the unhealthy odors.
Researchers from Sweden have induced an immune reaction to a study, volunteers to see if the smell reaction may be referred to it. Those who smelled the t-shirts worn by volunteers who had an immune reaction and t-shirts never worn way they could say the difference which one is less healthy and less pleasant than those which were not worn.
Body odors emanate various warning in all sorts of situations. Considering that the odor is caused by bacteria, it is important to pay attention to odors and to look at them as alarm signals. The kind of smell and its location may indicate the type of health problem.
The smell and our health
The smell from the genital area, no matter how embarrassing, is also an excellent indicator of health status. If urine smells of ammonia, it may indicate a urinary tract infection. A ranced or stronger smell may indicate a bacterial infection, although it can cover a wide range of causes, from STDs or yeast infections until with Gardnerella.
Most people have a subtle in this area, but if it is stronger than usual, bringing it over,  with a hint of mold or sour it may indicate a bacterial infection. It may be appropriate to start a cure with cranberry lemonade, a diet with raw vegetables and refuse, as much as possible,  sugar.

Healthier alternatives

Nothing will improve body odor better than a healthy nutrition and diet. When you find out that bacteria are those that produce the smell, it is natural to want to get rid of them as soon as possible, but there is a reverse of the coin. Bacteria can produce good smells, in suitable conditions. Eating fresh products, raw and organic and from which there are eliminated processed foods and refined sugars will cause beneficial bacteria to thrive.
These bacteria produce a more pleasant smell. Substances like aluminum and parabens kill all bacteria and penetrate into the body, affecting the operating mode and favoring the occurrence of serious illnesses.
Read your labels carefully and you will not only smell good but feel good also.

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