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What Is The Difference Between Microblading Makeup And Permanent Makeup?

by Tatiana Plesco
Microblading Makeup

Permanent makeup procedures have been known as popular beauty practices for years now. The best part is ‒ you won’t have to overspend on regular makeup products or waste your precious morning time styling your eyebrows. PMU is great for any age and skin color, and it boosts your confidence in a way no makeup product can.

Besides, the procedure is completely safe and painless if done by an experienced permanent makeup artist. Most of professional pigments used by artists are hyperallergic, and the procedure itself requires sterile conditions. Make sure you get these before proceeding with your appointment!

You may have heard about microblade permanent makeup, eyebrow tattooing, powder eyebrows, and other techniques. This can get confusing for someone who never tried a procedure like that ‒ but don’t worry, this article has got you covered!

Microblading as a popular permanent makeup technique

The microblading technique was kind of a pioneer in the permanent makeup industry. It’s a common eyebrow treatment that imitates small hairs to create a more natural appearance of your brows or even recreate their shape in case of scaring or overplucking.

You can call microblading a hand-drawn technique: in order to perform it, your permanent makeup artist uses a single blade (hence the name), dips it into the pigment, and applies it to deeper epidermal layers of the skin. The principle here somewhat resembles one that tattoo artists use.

It’s not a tattoo, though ‒ for regular tattoos, artists apply the ink deeper, so it stays there for a lifetime. Permanent makeup, on the contrary, can fade away in a few years based on your individual skin properties as it uses special pigments instead of tattoo ink and places it more superficially compared to the tattoo technique. Also, microblading is less traumatic for your skin, although, like any other permanent makeup treatment, it requires you to undergo through a short healing period.
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The microblading technique draws tiny brow hairs one by one ‒ if you want to restore your brow shape, this is one of the best methods. A well-trained permanent makeup artist can create a perfect shape for your brows that will look naturally. All you have to do after that is to stick to the aftercare rules and get a touch-up when the pigment will start to fade.

Permanent eyebrow makeup lasts for long

Technically, microblading can be considered a permanent makeup technique, too. But there is a significant difference in how it works with other PMU techniques.

Permanent makeup can be applied not only to brows ‒ artists can give a perfect semi-permanent look to your:

  • lashline;
  • lips;
  • depigmented or hyperpigmented areas.

The latter is often referred to as medical semi-permanent tattooing, but in essence, it uses the same approach as other permanent makeup techniques.

The main difference most permanent makeup techniques have from microblading is the use of the machine with several tiny needles to implement pigment instead of using a single hand-picked blade. Most permanent makeup techniques are automated, being more productive.
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As for the aftercare and skin healing, every permanent makeup technique is the same. First, you can feel and see swelling that will pass in a day or two, then, your eyebrows will start scabbing ‒ it’s a completely natural skin reaction, so you don’t have to peel these scabs off.

The use of permanent makeup

Permanent makeup can do a lot of things for your health and beauty.

  1. For eyebrows, it can restore shape and add volume. Some permanent brow makeup techniques focus on creating realistic and natural looking brow patterns for people who have their natural brows too thin or want to permanently change their shape (or, in some cases, add much needed accent on brow tails).
  2. For eyes, different permanent eyeliner techniques can create an accent on the lashline, therefore refreshing your look, or even create a semi-permanent winged eyeliner. Because the skin in this area is way too thin, this can be done only using an appropriate permanent makeup kit with needles designed for thinner skin.
  3. For lips, permanent makeup can do many things: from refreshing natural lip color to adding some volumizing effect. Lip blushing, or lip staining, is also done using a machine because the skin there is quite thin and sensitive.

There is also a medical application for permanent makeup. Just like it can be done for aesthetic purposes, some people need a cover-up for their scars, a visual lip shape correction, and a brow PMU if there is a scar. Different permanent makeup techniques can also even out small areas of depigmentation or hyperpigmentation ‒ the art is to mix the pigment shade that is a copy of your skin tone.

Essentially, permanent makeup and microblading save your time and money. Instead of buying lots of makeup products a few times a year, you can visit your PMU artist twice (the initial appointment and the touch-up one) and have permanently perfect brows that don’t need correction every morning.

If you have to choose between microblading and other permanent brow makeup techniques, think about your ultimate goal you want to achieve with this treatment. If you need your brow shape to be considerably restored, microblading is a good option.
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If you want to add some volume to your existing shape, other techniques like powder brows will also do well.

The most important thing when it comes to getting a permanent makeup is to choose the right artist. You can check for certificates, ask more about their practice, or ask previous clients about their impression and results ‒ it will never hurt to double-check when it comes to procedures on your body.

All in all, permanent makeup in all its forms is a game changer ‒ if you feel like you need it, you might as well get it and we promise, you won’t regret it.

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