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What You Don’T Know About Flu Vaccine?

by Tatiana Plesco
Know About Flu Vaccine

Flu vaccination is taken to protect ourselves from FLU and also to protect the people around us who are vulnerable to catching  FLU. People like the elderly and children are more susceptible to flu and hence a flu shot will help to make your sickness mild, in case you get infected with flu. Death and hospitalization may occur in severe cases of flu. It is also a preventive tool for people dealing with chronic health problems. Vaccinations reduce the occurrences of hospitalizations and also protect women during their pregnancy as well as their babies for up to 6 months from their time of birth.

The latest health news says that Flu vaccine does not cause  FLU. The vaccine may be made with flu vaccine viruses that are not infectious, since they have been inactive with no flu vaccine viruses, for instance in Case of recombinant influenza vaccine. The actual side effects of flu vaccines may be short and mild when compared to influenza symptoms. Side effects may include low-grade fever, body aches, redness, soreness or mild swelling at the area where the injection was taken. In children, nasal spray against flu virus may lead to runny nose muscle aches, wheezing, vomiting, headache, fever etc and in Case of adults, the nasal spray may have side effects like sore throats, runny nose, cough or headaches. Even if these side effects occur, they will be very mild and short-lived as compared to the actual flu infection. Most people who receive the influenza vaccine do not face any problems from it. Allergic reactions may occur rarely, as a counter-reaction for these vaccines, in Case of some people.

A health tip is that it is advisable to take a flu vaccination every season primarily for two reasons which include the fact that the immune response of human body reduces with passing time, therefore an annual vaccination is required for adequate protection against the disease. The second reason is that, since the flu viruses are continuously changing, the flu vaccine formulation is reviewed every year and most often updated to keep pace with the changing nature of flu viruses. It is therefore recommended in health news and by health experts that people above the age of 6 months should go for an annual flu vaccination.

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