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What You Should Know When Choosing the Right Earrings

by Tatiana Plesco
What You Should Know When Choosing the Right Earrings

Earrings are common and among the top jewelry selections that add beauty and personality to an individual. It is something that most people never lack in their wardrobes, especially ladies. The only issue arises when it comes to picking the right earrings that match with your outfit. With many trends and styles, you may find it overwhelming when shopping for your favorite pieces. So, how do you know the ones that suit you? Could it be studs or drops? Numerous styles that emphasize your best body features are critical when choosing earrings. 

Round shape face

Knowing the shape of your face is a perfect way of discovering the earrings that suit you. It will help you find numerous pieces that will enhance your beauty, personality, and make your cheekbones much impressive. For round faces, a bold earring will blend perfectly. It is the simplest face type to identify due to its circular nature. Drop or dangle earrings are the best choice to complement a round face since it makes it appear longer. For instance, you can choose striking angular pieces. 

Round shape face

Square shape face

Square shaped faces are astounding due to their tremendous jawline. Here, you must work with your shape to achieve that complimentary appearance. Everything should rhyme with your face and not contradict it according to unique jewellery in Australia. For example, an oversized hoop and circular style will do the magic to your square face. It will make the sharpness of your face appear smooth, provided the earrings stretch below your jawline.   

Oval shape Face

If your face is oval, then you are lucky. This face type has a soft jawline and matches with numerous earring types and styles. Choosing earrings that are long and hanging will blend with your round face, bring out your versatility, and align your contours. Also, studs will broaden your facial appearance. Another appealing type is the vintage onyx earring since it matches with any feature of an oval shape. 

Heart shape face

This face type has a wider forehead and a more pointed chin. You’ll need to counterbalance the sharpness of the chin for a great appearance. It means you will have to use teardrop and chandelier earring designs to occupy your face’s lower section. Also, antique emerald earrings make the angle of your chin soften. But if you love attention, don’t go for long slim earrings despite their splendid appearance. 

The above-discussed aspects are significant when picking the right earrings that match your face. It is a superb way to begin your journey of unearthing the beauty, confidence, and style brought about by wearing the right earrings. With unique jewellery in Australia, matching the earrings to the above face features is a great way to start. Just ensure you are comfortable with whatever pieces you choose. Shop for the pair you love according to your personality, and nobody or nothing will prevent you from wearing them. 

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