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How Does Acupuncture Actually Help or Work?

by Tatiana Plesco

Acupuncture therapy on the body has brought about remarkable relief and improvement in patients suffering from chronic illnesses and problems. It has also relieved patients from stress, pain, and low energy problems. That is why this is one of the most widely practiced alternative medicinal methods in the US and in many other countries of the world.

Scientists have found through studies that this age-old Chinese tradition of puncturing the skin at several important pressure points in the body is focused on releasing vital chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins are stress relievers, mood boosters, and also pain relievers which help you feel fresh, energized, and let the flow of natural energy get boosted in the body.  Endorphin is the reason why patients taking the therapy feel energized, active, and fresh after therapies.  Many health problems are elevated and completely cured with this therapy.


  • Do You Feel Any Pain?

One of the common questions asked by most people interested to try the therapy is, “Is it painful?” This fear is induced by the involvement of thin needles puncturing the skin at various points of the body.  Normally, you do not feel pain from Acupuncture therapy needle insertion, or if you do feel pain, it is a trifle. The thin needles that are used in this therapy are firm and do not cause bruises or pain in general. Sometimes there may be a little soreness after the therapy for only a little time which subsides fast. And normally the feeling after the therapy is a feeling of freshness and a surge of energy through the body.

  • Treatment of Low Back Pain

Treatment of Low Back Pain

One of the common applications of Acupuncture is its treatment for low back pain or sciatica. Patients with sciatica take many types of treatment and try to find relief through medicines, physiotherapies, exercises, lifestyle changes, herbal treatments, Ayurveda, homeopathy and what not! But when everything fails, then often this method has been seen to work miracles. Both real and fake Acupuncture therapies have been found to be of high relief in low back pain for a temporary period, after which you may have to take the therapy again at repeated intervals. As this is a drug- free way of treatment which deals with the natural flow of energy in the body, you will not have any side effects rather will only enjoy the benefits.

  • Other Problems Curable by Acupuncture

Other health problems, both pathogenic and chronic, which can be controlled and healed with this therapy, are:

  1. Chronic headaches like migraines can be healed and lessened.
  2. Arthritis can be cured to some extent, and the extreme pain, especially at knee region, can be lessened with this method while you may continue with other forms of parallel treatment.
  3. Pain in the limbs caused due to carpal tunnel syndrome can be reduced greatly by the therapy.
  4. Dental pain can be relieved a lot with this method.
  5. Menstrual cramps can be lessened with the therapy.
  6. Pain in neck and shoulders can be healed.
  7. Tennis elbow pain is lessened and controlled by this method.
  8. Many other muscle pains can be controlled and cured in this way.
  • Advantages of Trying This Therapy

One of the main advantages of trying Acupuncture is that it heals the problem without the intervention of drugs. Acupuncture helps you avoid drugs and chemical side effects in the body. The natural energy of the body is only used in the healing process thereby helping you feel better without any side effects other than the temporary soreness from needles if any.

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