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Why Back Massage Therapy Is Actually Accessible

by Tatiana Plesco
Back Massage Therapy

Who doesn’t dream about relaxing massage after a long day’s work spent in the office or an active day which kept you on the road? Back massage therapy is not just relaxing, but it also promotes a healthy lifestyle, calms sore or stiff muscles and improves your blood flow. Many such treatments seem inaccessible concerning time consumption and budget. Can it be so? Are back massagers alternatives to spending demanding hours in the massage salon? Can you track down the best back massagers and use them as therapy?
Back massagers are products you can find on almost every specific website in the stock of online stores. Some specialists vouch for them. Others refrain from making comments or even debate their efficiency.

Here’s what you need to know about back massage therapy. This article focuses on using the best back massagers to make the relaxation technique accessible in your home. So, what makes it so affordable?

back massage therapy

Massage Involves Having What to Choose From

There might be a few massage techniques that apply to everyone. However, your needs are unique and independent. You may have a few tight muscles or genuine and acute back pains. Before we continue, you should determine your needs for a message and time and/or space availability. If we look at the best such products, we notice their versatility. After research on specialized website Today Best Reviews, we’ve seen that the best back massager is actually a pillow. The Zyllion ZMA13BK massager is the most appreciated by buyers because it can be used on chairs and simulates traditional hot stone massage.

There are also cushions, belts and other gadgets among the top ten such product that the internet has to offer. The market’s broad massage product categories aim to make massage comfortable anywhere or anyhow you use them. However, massagers share common traits – adjustable speeds and straps, functions that touch hard-to-reach areas and compactor foldable design.

The versatility of back massagers handles the complicated aspects of your life. They are usually fit for use in the office, at home as self-massage tools or in the car, while you wait to park.

What Massage Technique Do You Prefer?

Imagine enjoying a message inside your home. Massage products usually simulate traditional techniques using the latest technology. Here’s what you can choose:

• Pressure points massage:

Some massagers come with instructions and features that allow the message to focus on your pressure points. These focus areas are derived from the basic principles of acupuncture, which believes that there are points on our body corresponding with internal organs.

Pressure points massage

• Vibration massage:

Vibration involves a rhythmic shaking to a specific area from your body. This is the most common self-massage techniques most of us learn from parents and grandparents. Their intensity is mild. Also, they’re both therapeutic and relaxing.

• Deep tissue massage:

You can find this technique in almost every massage salon out there. Deep tissue massage combines firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deep layers of our muscles. Many choose it to heal chronic muscle pain, release contracted areas and soothe sore shoulders.

• Shiatsu massage:

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese therapy using finger pressure for specific areas of the body to heal the most common muscle-related conditions. According to a survey, over 39 million Americans enjoy such a message for one year. Even some healthcare specialists promote this popular massage technique.

Shiatsu massage

Massage Doesn’t Just Cover One Area

You have two choices when you want a message. Would you like to put some effort into it and maneuver a cordless product, or would you instead enjoy five minutes of relaxation on the couch while the massager does its work? Once you identify your wishes, you can easier find products that fit your needs.

Also, massage doesn’t have to be concentrated in a specific area. Some products such as pillows are versatile and can be used for other body parts. Meanwhile, cushions cover the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back. You sit and enjoy 10 – 20 minutes of therapy while watching your favorite movie or TV show.

Therapy Doesn’t Involve a Demanding Budget

Since we discuss massage as a muscles therapy tool, we should also address the budget. Experts from Trip Savvy claim that the cost of massage has dropped in large American cities. Let’s see an outline of its potential costs:
• $40 per hour, in small Asian salons, including basement companies which separate rooms through curtains.
• $65 – $90 per monthly subscription, in large massage saloon chains.

• $70 – $80 per hour, when turning to experienced massage therapists with independent shops. Tips are not mandatory.
• $90 (small cities) – $120 (large cities) per hour, in day spas which offer Swedish massage.

Deep tissue, aromatherapy or hot stone massage come as premium features of large daily or overnight spa salons. These raise the price of a message and usually involve a tip of around 15 – 20%.
Back massagers usually cost around $40 (pillows) – $50 (cushions) – $125 (cordless massagers). Some of them also come with warranties and usually last for two years. They are also protected with features that induce the sleep mode after 20 – 30 minutes of use.

Wrapping Up

Healthy living involves a particular diet, asleep, and sports schedule and even supplementing your food with vitamins and minerals. However, many women mostly forget about massage and perceive it as a relaxation activity which they usually postpone, due to lack of time. Does this scenario sound familiar?
Massage is a healthy technique you should turn to at least once a week. You can use it to preserve your body health or fight those long-lasting hours spent on a chair. Regardless of why you use it, massage therapy is a boost for your muscles and back. Yes, it can also treat muscle pain. In some cases, even your doctor recommends it. So, find the best back massager and integrate its use into your regular evening routines for maximum effects!

Updated: 29 April 2019

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