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Why Fasting Helps In Cleansing And Detoxifying The Body

by Tatiana Plesco

Why Fasting Helps In Cleansing And Detoxifying The Body, In a technical device, such as the automobile, we take it for granted that filters are cleaned and changed, refilled engine oil or an oil change is made. Also, an apartment that we inhabit needs regular care. And even when we return from vacation, we refer to the remaining unoccupied room dust. It is just the nature of things that pollution occurs. With the body, it behaves the same.

We use our bodies daily. Our heart pumps about sixty times per minute, our lungs work regularly. All of our bodies are in constant use. By fasting we give the body a chance to regenerate. It is important that one goes in the first fasting competent hands so that you have a supportive, advisory point of contact during fasting.

  • The purification steps for cleansing and detoxifying the body

This purification is carried out in several stages:

The first stage is when you modify the diet to simple whole foods. The diet should be varied. Every day should be different cereals, fruits, and / or vegetables are eaten.

The second stage is that omitting meals, for example, dinner. You can do without solid meal prices as of 15.00 clock.

The third stage consists in the omission of solid food or on an individual need in maintaining a multi-day or multi-week individual program.

It is important that is not in the foreground during a fasting cure the aspect of weight loss. It’s primarily about the cleaning of the excretory organs. For this reason, the excretory organs must be even before fasting relieve. What kind of fasting and cleaning is the best for you, you should determine, in consultation with your Fast companions.

There is a lot of fast literature, so I will not go into to fasting in detail here. Do you dare to approach the topic of fasting – your body will thank you with healthy. The body must be prepared to fasting, to avoid fast reactions (nausea, fatigue, joint pain and other). The above cleaning methods may be applied already one to two weeks before fasting. During fasting day should be at least one or two applications are carried out.

  • Various types of therapeutic fasting:

Mayr Fasting Program

The physician and researcher Dr. Mayr discovered late 19th century, the relationship between diet and disease and developed the eponymous healing diet. The principle of the Mayr program is relieving the intestine by the intestine is released over a period of two to four weeks by the good chewing and salivation so of milk and cakes. The Mayr Fast was further developed and supplemented by the so-called extended Mayr Program. It will be added in addition to rolls, cheese, ham, egg, and yogurt in the diet. The so-called mild dissipation diet supplements the success of the Mayr cure. There are numerous books on this subject in the bookstores.

  • Grain, vegetable, fruit fasting

Every day is eaten another steamed grain, a fruit or a vegetable in over a period individually set. In this type of fasting, it is important to chew well and figure out what foods help the body best. You can see the different types of course also combine fast and adapt it to individual needs. The most important point when fasting is the own desires to become aware.

  • The zero diet

The zero diet consists of water fasting, herbal tea and possibly a root soup. The way out from this diet it is important to optimally prepare the body and then very gently to start recording of solid food. Good chewing is important not to overload the intestines sedated. Various fasting recommended in drinking juices. Both the Buchinger diet as well as the Breuss diet based mainly on cleaning the body with juices and soups root. Depending on complain for a certain time be taken only juices and soups root.

How often do you fast?

Once a year, at least every two years, approximately three to four weeks in a form adapted to the physical health.

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