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Without Money Developing A Women’s Clothing Exchange

by Tatiana Plesco
Without Money Developing A Women's Clothing Exchange

My family operates on a tight financial plan. And since having kids, there hasn’t been much–if any–room in that financial plan for adding to mine or my husband’s clothing.

But just over a year ago I discovered a method to increase my clothing–without spending any cash: a woman’s clothing exchange.

  • My Sister’s Closet

A local church where I join a weekly Bible education has hosted a women’s clothing exchange called My Sister’s Closet for numerous years. Although I not ever would have voiced that I didn’t have the extra cash for new clothes, the idea of the exchange thrilled me. It wasn’t a program for a sure income level. My Sister’s Closet is open to all females involved in the church’s women’s office–whether they are church members or Bible education attendees.

And the atmosphere for the annual event is like that of a girl’s night out with colleges. Women bring clothing a few days before and candy striper sort and hang the clothing. There are three temporary housing of clothing (sizes small, medium and large) and one room full of decorations and shoes.

Each woman is permitted to select a certain number of items–depending on a number of aids. There are even dressing rooms, so the women can make sure the clothing fits before they take them home.

I was so humbled and thankful for the first time I contributed to My Sister’s Closet. I was 9 months with child and felt very certain I wouldn’t be fitting into my pre-pregnancy sartorial anytime soon. Yet, I knew I would require some clothes for the in-between phase. I walked away from the night with fashionable jeans, sweaters, blouses, a dress, and even some motherhood clothes for my newly-pregnant sister-in-law.

  • Starting Your Own Females’ Dress Exchange

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Are you intrigued by the idea of a women’s dress exchange? Why not start your individual?! You can form one with:

  1. a group of college’s
  2. the women’s office at your church (or combine numerous local churches)
  3. a mom’s collection, or
  4. Even your co-workers!

While emerging a program that will really help you increase your wardrobe–without spending any cash, keep these tips in mind:

Decide on contribution requirements (if any).

Must participants donate dresses in order to receive them? If so, will you need a certain number of aids? Must participants be church/group memberships, or will you open the exchange with the community? Must participants serve helper hours in order to advantage from the event?

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