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Do Women Live Longer Than Men?

by Tatiana Plesco
Women Live Longer Than Men

According to researchers and professionals, women are considered more powerful than men. The average life span is longer for women all over the world. It is believed they have unique, psychic, and mental powers. Besides, women have fantastic communication skills, crying weapons, and multitasking capabilities. They also have a better immune system and circulatory system. Due to these things, they do no acquire diseases easily and live for long periods.

Hormones and enzymes present in women contribute a lot to improving their immune system and digestive system. These are the hormones or enzymes that help them in passing the mensuration cycle and pregnancy period. Women are considered more fit and healthy than men because of their active participation in household and other activities. Therefore, women certainly live longer than men. No doubt, men also take care of their health & perform cardio and strength training exercises. But still, they lack women, when it comes to the average lifespan. In comparison to women, more men engage in smoking, drinking and therefore develop diseases such as high cholesterols, diabetes, heart problems, and even cancers. Below, I have explained some reasons why women live a longer life than men.


According to professionals, only 15% of women die due to unintentional and unprecedented injuries. While in men, the number goes to 45%. Well, the reason for this thing can be found in biology. Some parts of the brain that deal with managing and healing injuries develop more quickly in men than in men. Therefore, women get rehabilitated in very shorter periods.

On the other hand, in men, this process occurs at a slower rate. Also, men take more risks during biking, snowboarding, river rafting, etc. As a result, they live a shorter life.

Heart Diseases

healthy heart

Smoking, drinking, and other activities develop several heart diseases in men. No doubt, women do drink alcohol and consume drugs, but the number is pretty less than men. Even if women develop some conditions, they still manage to avoid deaths. It is because they have better healing power. Curing in women occurs in a quicker and better way. Every day new cases of deaths come in hospitals. And the majority of these cases are related to men who die from heart and lung diseases. Most of these men would have neglected physical activities and developed poor health. On the other hand, women maintain their health by consuming decent diets and performing workouts and therefore live for long periods.

Impact on Uterus

Even before birth, women develop lovely powers. Please note that females develop excellent immunity against genetic diseases and other infections. The delivery of girls does not cause various complications and issues. And, boys do get transmitted more germs and other infections from parents. After birth, girls grow much faster than boys. Hormones and other things present in them gets secreted very quickly and then achieve better growth. And boys not only get bad growth but also develops brain and lung problems for long periods. All these things do contribute to the increasing average lifespan of women.


In comparison to women, men took worse care of their health. Women visit their doctors regularly. Very few women miss out on cholesterol testing. Almost all women have a physician and do have health insurance. On the other hand, men do not follow these things and die early because of illness. So, without a doubt, we can say women live for long periods.

Social Networks

Social networks also play an essential role in the average lifespan. When a person gets dissatisfied and frustrated, he/she needs someone to share their thoughts and problems. He/she someone through which he/she can live better. And women have vast social connections around the world. They quickly find friends and relatives to share their feelings and other things. And men find it challenging to find good and decent friends so die of health problems and stress, tensions, and heart attack.

Tricks To Keep You Healthy

Females mentally can cope with stress at much higher levels. This way, we have more patients to educate kids or handle any argument with the man. Man has no chance as far as coping with mental stress levels as well as multitasking at different activities – women are much better.

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, we can say women live for long periods. Females can reproduce and have kids. They have a better immune system, and so develop fewer diseases. They have better powers for healing pains and injuries. The secretion of hormones and enzymes in women occurs very quickly. Women go to their doctors regularly for their check-ups and other things. Women do not specific habits of drinking, smoking, and so develop fewer diseases. Heart diseases also occur less in females. Therefore, women spend a healthy and happy life for more significant periods.

Updated 4/29/2020

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