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Wrong Workouts You Might Be Doing

by Tatiana Plesco
Wrong Workouts

How much disciplined you are and how much time you spend on exercises, you can acquire bad results. By following ineffective tips, you can fail to stay fit and healthy. For achieving your exercise goals, you need to perform the correct exercises. If you perform wrong workouts, you can also fail in acquiring benefits from the diet. Whether your goal is to make Six-Pack Abs or lose weight, you must select right and practical exercises.

Below are some wrong Workouts performed by the modern-day people:

High Weight Gorilla Hamstring Stretches

  1. Gorilla Hamstring Stretches help in strengthening the hamstrings and back muscles. But, many people make some mistakes while performing these exercises:
  2. They put their entire body weight for stretching the hamstrings
  3. They settle around 600-pounds weight against 140-pounds handling capacity
  4. By working like this, you can set the gravitational force on your spine, degrading shock-absorbing parts or discs of the back. You can suffer various types of pains by performing this in this way. If You want to avoid this problem,
  5. You need to maintain the stretch for 45-60 seconds
  6. You need to remove the load while stretching your toes
  7. You should do this activity in a relaxed manner, in a seated position, for example.

Gorilla Hamstring

  •  Traditional-Styled Push-ups

When it comes to tone, the chest, shoulders, and triceps, push-ups are the perfect option for you. In push-ups, you need to keep your spine straight and lower your body with the neutral neck. Only the push-ups performed with the right technique offers accurate results. If you are bending your elbows while aligning your hips towards the floor, you are doing a bad workout. No, you also do not need to hang your head while performing the push-up. Instead, it would be best if you placed your palms (hands) parallel to your chest. You need to maintain a neutral head position, straighten your spine, and then use your chest muscles for lowering your body in a controlled manner

Traditional Styled Push-ups

  • Compulsive Crunches

You cannot get better results by flattening your abs on excessive times. You do not need to put a lot of focus on spine-bending crunches. Not just that, you can not avail of desired results, but you can even injure your back or spine. Instead of crunches, you should perform core stabilizing exercises. You can select the yoga boat pose or the popular Pilates exercises. These exercises strengthen the core without any damage to the back. Well, if you still want to perform crunches,

  1. You should avoid using the gym class-style foot anchor
  2. You should pull your pelvis out of alignment and allow your hips for performing exercises

Compulsive Crunches

  • Abortive Lifts

Standing lift is another exercise that you would be doing in a wrong manner. You might be executing this exercise in the curved posture. Using extra weights while performing this exercise is not the best decision. Especially, beginners should not work standing lifts with higher loads. The specific thing for performing this workout in a better manner is to improve posture.

  1. You should stand straight and place your shoulders in the same direction
  2. You should resist fatigue and try to maintain this position
  3. You need to perform this activity 8-10 times
  • Dumbbell Exercises

Most people make mistakes while using dumbbells. Chin-up rows using dumbbell is one of the joint exercises that people perform in the wrong way. It is certainly not right to look up when performing bent-over dumbbell rows. You can develop a lot of pain or even strain in your neck and other muscles. For preventing injuries, you need to concentrate on a particular spot. You should find a place at least a yard distance away from your toes. Once you found a spot, you should focus on it while performing the bent-over dumbbell rows exercise.

Dumbbell Exercises

  • The Abdominal Exercises

It is not an easy task to perform abdominal exercises. It is common to observe people using their arms for performing movements. People also round their backs for strengthening their abs. You need to know that these practices offer no beneficial results. If you want to avail better results,

  1. It would help if you tried to sit in a controlled manner.
  2. It would be best if you placed your hands behind your head
  3. You need not use hands for the pulling force

Abdominal Exercises

  • Weak Or Forceless Lunges

Lunges are another fantastic high-impact exercise. The quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteus muscles all strengthen with lunges. But, you can get effective results while performing lunges wrong way. You can experience stress or strain on your knees.
Moreover, you can also develop arthritis and osteoporosis. You need to follow these precautions while performing lunges

  1. Your heel must be at around 2 feet in front of your knee.
  2. You should provide enough space for your ankles and knees.

lunges work out

  • Inaccurate Squats

I have seen many people lifting their heels when putting the weight on your toes. They don’t allow their knees to align over their toes. Mainly, they don’t keep their torso in an upright manner. As a result, they experience too much impact on their knees and ankles. Many serious injuries have occurred from this thing. The best way to do this exercise is to align the hip at a 90 degree, and the knees should also be focused at a 90-degree angle while performing lunges.

Inaccurate Squats

Accurate Squats

Wrapping Up

If you want the best type of results, you need to perform workouts (or exercises) in the right way. You should straighten your spine and maintain a neutral head position while performing push-ups. You need to stand straight and withstand fatigue while doing standing lifts. You should avoid looking in different directions while doing bent-over dumbbell rows. It would be best if you also avoided hands for making pulling muscles when doing abdominal muscles. You must set your hips and knees at a 90-degree angle. So, follow the right technique for achieving your fitness goals.

Updated on 3/1/2020

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