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Your Guide to Borneo Kratom

by Tatiana Plesco

Borneo is one of the most well-known kratom strains. The island is a kratom hotbed, and these strains have a reputation for providing deep relaxation. Kratom’s sedative effects come to the fore, especially with the Red version. 

If you’re new to kratom, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we’ll check out all the Borneo kratoms in our collection, and answer some key questions about these super strains.

What is kratom?

The kratom ( mitragynaspeciosa) plant is native to Southeast Asia and comes under the umbrella of plants in the coffee family. Kratom produces physical and mental effects, and kratom products are now being used all over the world, often as a natural remedy for pain. 

Kratom’s unique influence on the body can be traced to the plant’s alkaloids. These are the key components in kratom, and alkaloids like mitragynine interact with various receptors. Mitragynine’s possible analgesic effects in the body’s opioid system are perhaps the most important of these interactions. 

Introducing Borneo kratom

Borneo kratom is a pretty intense strain, whether you take it for stimulation or sedation. This suggests a productive level of alkaloids. However, the exact experience you’ll get depends on the vein of the kratom in your strain. We have Red, Green, and White Borneo strains and a unique Dragonblood Borneo strain. This is what you can expect from each. 

Red Borneo 

The most relaxing of all the Borneo strains, this classic Red Borneo kratom is the best way to chill out at night, click here to try it out. Maybe you work a manual job and are always suffering from aches and muscle tension after a hard day. Or possibly you’re stressed and anxious and want something to take the edge off things. In either case, this Red strain could do the trick. 

The Red probably has more mitragynine, which explains the extra sedation, and the opiate-like effects that strains like these are famous for. Due to these sedative effects, the best Red Borneo experiences come in the evening, rather than the daytime. 

White Borneo 

If you want an energizing Borneo, the White vein strain is for you. This kratom complements the relaxing effects of this strain with the energizing properties of white veins. The result is a strain that still provides some physical relief, along with the stimulation. The mellowing effects help prevent anxiety from outbreaks with this White kratom.

Green Borneo 

This strain doesn’t have quite as much sedation as the Red, but it’s still more relaxing than most Green vein kratoms. If you want a kratom to keep you calm, focused, and free from anxiety, you’ll likely be happy with Green Borneo. We find this strain is excellent at any time of day since Green strains aren’t overpowering in either direction. 

Dragonblood Borneo

This reasonably rare strain has most in common with Red Borneo. Those who use Dragonblood report physical relief and improved mood. Dragonblood has a red appearance, so no surprises that its effects are like a traditional Red. As a sleepy strain, red dragon kratom is the most enjoyable when in the comfort of your own home! Get your’s from the Kratom Krush website at a discounted price. 

Get more from your Borneo kratom 

Kratom has a strong bitter taste, and that makes consuming it a little confusing. We stock finely-ground kratom powder, as it’s a product that can be taken in several ways. 

A lot of kratom users love infused teas. Not only do these deliver a steady supply of long-lasting kratom alkaloids into the body, but infused tea has an inoffensive flavor. In tea form, kratom loses its bitter edge, especially if you add sugar to your brew. Just add hot water to your kratom powder, wait a short while, and enjoy! 

Not everyone struggles with kratom’s flavor. And those who can cope with the taste often prefer the even more convenient ‘toss and wash’ method for taking kratom. This involves swallowing the powder with water. This takes just seconds, and the absorption rate is thought to be higher than in kratom tea. 

And don’t forget kratom edibles! The powder comes activated and can be added to your favorite recipes to significant effect. This helps manage the kratom flavor – always necessary! – and also gives you more control over your intake. For example, if making kratom brownies, you can decide precisely how much Borneo powder you add to each cake. 

What is Borneo kratom good for?

Kratom has no approved medical uses in the United States. As of March 2020, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate kratom products and is not clinically testing kratom or its alkaloids for therapeutic effectiveness. 

However, kratom hasn’t become so popular in the US for nothing. Millions of people take kratom, and thousands got together for a grassroots campaign to keep kratom legal a few years ago. Reasons for taking kratom include pain, low mood, stress, anxiety, and opioid addiction. 

Kratom also has risks and side effects. Kratom abuse may cause seizures, liver failure, and death. It is addictive, although not as much as opioids, and has a range of milder side effects. 

Does kratom help with arthritis?

Top Five Herbs And Spices For Arthritis

Research on kratom’s alkaloids and arthritis is thin on the ground. That said, studies have found potential anti-inflammatory actions with mitragynine, the primary alkaloid in the plant. Future studies will hopefully shine more light on the relationship between kratom alkaloids, inflammation, and the immune system. 

Which Borneo kratom is best for sleep?

Red and Dragonblood Borneo are the most attractive strains for sleep. The high alkaloid concentration increases opiate-like sedative effects, which are vital for a good night’s sleep. Green Borneo may also be useful if you don’t like the intensity or euphoric side effects of Red strains. Avoid White strains in the evenings – the energizing effects may make it more difficult to sleep. 

Final thoughts 

Borneo kratom deserves its reputation as a world-class kratom. The Red strain is right to form in promoting maximum relaxation, while the White strain provides both energy and a sense of calm. The Green and DragonbloodBorneos are also not to be missed!

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